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Wagento Merges Mexico and India for a Unique Business Perspective

Brent Peterson Brent Peterson May 14, 2019


The vibrant colors that are the hallmark of Mexican art and design are colliding with the robust work ethic in India to create unique, powerful websites that stand out in today’s eCommerce worth. Wagento is merging the juxtaposing cultures to create a unique perspective that can be respected across the globe. Read on to learn about this exciting development.

Customize Your Creation

Here at Wagento, we are all about your eCommerce. We specialize in creating eCommerce products specifically designed for the Magento platform. While some companies will give you templates to build off of, we believe your website should be as unique as your services. We build custom designs that express your brand. By expressing your services and strengths in a meaningful way, your website can effectively communicate your company values and brand identity. We will work with you tirelessly to ensure your website is an accurate reflection of your character and quality.

By merging the bright, talented artists of Mexico with the strong work ethic of India, we can design a website for you that is both attractive and easy to use. Color can wield an enormous sway on our feelings and emotions. If your website is drab and dreary, potential customers will be turned off right away. However, if your website is bright, friendly, and alluring, it will give the aura that you are willing to help your customer, regardless of their needs. Pair that with fast, efficient website, and you are sure to convert leads.

Grow Internationally

Both India and Mexico are growing eCommerce markets. As of 2016, Mexico’s eCommerce market had a value of $17.6 billion USD, and is growing nearly 30% a year. The market is expected to continue to grow steadily because of improvements in connectivity, enhanced financial inclusion, and an increase in digital literacy. In Mexico, apparel and accessories lead the online market. While credit cards and PayPal are the usual method of choice, many small retailers also allow cash transactions, due to the limited financial inclusion.

There is a very similar situation brewing in India. As of 2017, the Indian eCommerce market was worth $38.7 billion USD. However, India is expected to see a much larger and faster growth than Mexico. By 2026, the eCommerce market is expected to be worth more than $200 billion USD. This eCommerce boom is based on a variety of factors, including increasing internet access and smartphone penetration.

If you own an eCommerce store, now is the time to invest in these markets. While they may seem small, they are ready to burst at the seams. Building your customer base early, word of mouth and successful marketing campaigns will allow your company to thrive within the coming years. This is why Wagento is merging the best of both countries together. By combining the best art and technology both countries have, we can create websites that appeal to both audiences.

Although these new designs may have Mexican and Indian influences, this unique perspective shouldn’t be limited to those countries. If your website is based in an eclectic country, your customer base will still be able to appreciate the beautiful artistry and ease of use this new collaboration will bring.

Building Websites Digital Marketplaces

Although there is an eCommerce boom happening in India, there aren’t many small Indian business that are taking part. There are 51 million small businesses across India that account for nearly 40% of the country’s GDP. Yet, it is estimated only half of those businesses have a digital footprint. This new collaboration can help boost that number. As more business owners gain access to computers and smartphones, they can start selling products online; however, the marketplace is going to become crowded, very quickly. By adding the beauty of talented Mexican artists to these India based websites, Wagento can help Indian business owners stand out amongst the digital crowd.

One of the biggest hurdles eCommerce sites face in Mexico is establishing a digital presence and gaining consumer trust. Many small business websites in Mexico state what the company does in the simplest format. These websites miss an opportunity to draw customers in. That’s where Wagento can come in. By building a beautiful, comprehensive website, your small business can easily rise above the bland competition.

While a beautiful website is nice, the picture perfect layout is not enough to establish and build customer trust. That’s where this Mexico-India partnership will help companies thrive. In Mexico, many customers fear their information is not safe online. By utilizing the intuitive and secure tools created by Indian programmers, companies can ensure customers that their information is secure 24/7.

Even though an ocean separates these two countries, Mexico and India have more in common than some may realize. Both have thriving, talented workers, that bring juxtaposing yet complimentary items to the table. By merging Mexican art design and talent with India work ethics, we will be able to deliver robust websites that stand out, and let your company thrive.

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