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No-Hassle Upgrades: Our New Program for Magento 2 Upgrades

Brent Peterson Brent Peterson October 24, 2019

An outdated website can often lead to an increased likelihood of security issues, reduced consumer trust, slower site speeds, and other negative factors that can seriously hurt your business. For eCommerce retailers who want to stay relevant and competitive in the crowded online marketplace, keeping their Magento sites up-to-date is essential for long-lasting success.

However, migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2 can come with its own host of problems; even the most experienced developers can run into issues when upgrading their websites! With these common challenges and frustrations in mind, Wagento has recently announced a solution designed to help all Magento merchants tackle all of their necessary upgrades with confidence.

Common Issues with Magento Upgrades

Magento is known for having unlimited customization options, thousands of integration, and a huge community of passionate global developers. The freedom to create and personalize websites to each retailer’s exact specifications is one of the most popular aspects of the platform. Unfortunately, Magento’s flexibility also contributes to its complex upgrading difficulties. As retailers upgrade to Magento 2, they can often face challenges with:

  • Data migration. Even with the Data Migration Tool, moving all your necessary data can prove to be frustrating since the tool only works with specific migration routes and applications.
  • SEO. New Magento 2 sites require immediate attention when it comes to SEO. Retailers can be dismayed when they realize that their page rank decreases, duplicate pages keep popping up, localization issues arise, and URLs are unexpectedly changed or redesigned.
  • Themes and customization. Developers are well aware of the face that Magento 1 and Magento 2 themes are non-compatible. It will take some serious trial-and-error to find the exact Magento 2 version of the Magento 1 theme, and then they will have to test it with the correct customization.
  • Performance. Some of the most common Magento 2 performance problems include slow store performance, insufficient speed for admins, poor search speed, unoptimized cache configuration, inefficient database setups, and low store reliability.
  • Security. Poorly setting up a new store post-migration can prove to be disastrous. Merchants may face suspension of their accounts, have to pay fines, and face the consequences of breaking their customers’ trust.

Benefits of No-Hassle Upgrades

In a new initiative to help merchants avoid these problems, Wagento is offering an entire year of Magento 2 updates at a fixed monthly rate. Retailers who sign up for the program get to choose their own price to match their budget, select when they want their site to be updated, and never be surprised by unexpected software costs or changes. Additional features of this program include:

  • Security updates and bug fixes.
  • Automatic upgrades (similar to a SaaS Platform).
  • Magento security scanner.
  • Redundant module checks.
  • Integration and third-party updates.
  • Assistance with maintenance, API integration, migrations, and more.

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