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How to Start an eCommerce Business in 2021

Brent Peterson
Brent Peterson
How to Start an eCommerce Business in 2021

Although the idea of selling online has already been in full bloom, one can safely say that the pandemic has also contributed to the increase of online purchases. The sheer convenience and safety of the process has pushed more customers towards buying online, but it has also inspired business owners to switch to digital sales to meet this growing demand. What’s truly impressive in this process is that kick-starting your own eCommerce business in 2021 is no less challenging than before. If anything, it’s even more cumbersome considering the increasing competition. 

With that in mind, your eCommerce business needs to brace itself for the fierce competitiveness of the 2021 market and the advancing needs of the modern customer. Here’s a brief, yet detailed guide on starting your eCommerce business this year and ensuring your success in the years to come.

Choose a trusted platform for your store

Unlike many other business models, eCommerce is also complex in terms of setting up a store business that will boast all the design features of a modern store, technical necessities for proper SEO, and overall cybersecurity or digital transactions. For that very reason, many modern-day companies choose Magento as their eCommerce platform, with several other options available, tried and tested in various retail industries. 

It’s vital that you choose a platform that is not only secure, but also scalable enough to support your growth plans for the future. Add to that, you should have the freedom to integrate other software tools you’ll be using so that you can boost the performance of your store and your business across the board.

Security front and center

Whether you have a small or large eCommerce business, cybersecurity should be your top priority. From phishing, malware, to data breaches, your business is at constant risk, especially since you conduct financial transactions via your site. 

That is why you need to prevent security issues from day one, by investing in various security measures. Consider using antimalware software solutions, paired with the latest encryption and hardware firewalls to protect your network, too. Make sure your teams use strong passwords and leverage password managers, as well.

Take control with MRP

eCommerce businesses consist of a slew of different processes and departments, including sales, customer support, IT, all the way to inventory management and manufacturing. Modern eCommerce businesses often rely on MRP software solutions that provide the necessary overview, control, and flexibility in manufacturing, inventory, and other departments.

MRP is meant to simplify and streamline otherwise intricate procedures, and it also helps your organization determine demand to avoid overstocking or draining your supplies too soon. It allows for smarter budget allocation, process automation, and business transparency that boosts eCommerce growth.

Don’t neglect content creation

Remember, your eCommerce website is more than just a bunch of shelves with products. Your site is a place for customers to learn about your business, find ways to connect with your brand, and for you to foster loyalty and trust. For that to happen, you need to ensure ongoing content creation that will build up your industry reputation. 

Consider publishing content on social media as well as your website. You have the chance to increase overall online sales beyond your site. Add to that, influencer collaborations help establish your presence in your niche, and allow you to connect with your customers on a more humanized level. 

Focus on customer experience 

Even though you’ll start off by researching your target audience, you need to remember that ongoing market monitoring is vital for your business development. Learning about your customers, and from your competitors, it all helps you pick up on the latest trends and opportunities to provide a stellar customer experience at every turn. 

From choosing the most customer-centric design, providing vivid descriptions and customer reviews, all the way to responding to queries in time and surprising your customers by exceeding their expectations – your experience is the final piece of the puzzle that will define your success. Since there are so many other eCommerce companies out there who offer a similar, if not the same products, how you deliver your products will make all the difference. 

While each eCommerce store has its unique charm and identity, you also need to make sure that the technical portion of your business model is in perfect order so that you can focus on creativity and customer experience. These are the most essential elements of establishing your eCommerce store in 2021, so make sure to follow the listed tips and keep up with your customers’ rising

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Brent Peterson
Brent W. Peterson, President of ContentBasis LLC, is a pioneering eCommerce entrepreneur. His journey spans retail entrepreneurship to global workshops, with a passion for endurance sports. 

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