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Adobe Summit: Key Findings from Top Sponsors

Brent Peterson Brent Peterson March 28, 2019

Adobe Summit: Key Findings from Top Sponsors

The 2019 Adobe Summit attracted hundreds of business leaders from around the globe, with dozens also choosing to become sponsors at the event. These CEOs, entrepreneurs, and executives were more than happy to share recent news about their businesses, give advice to attendees, and speculate about future products. A few particularly exciting highlights from these major sponsors included:

Microsoft: Experience Sponsor

When Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was asked about the thought process behind the company’s recent innovation, the Microsoft Adaptive Controller, he had some humbling words for attendees. Nadella explained that he wanted gaming to be more accessible for all, stating “Empathy is at the core of all innovation.” He went on to describe the careful planning that went into developing the controller, and ended his talk with what he believes it takes to become a successful organization. Nadella said, “a sense of purpose, mission, and culture are really key.”

Epsilon: Platinum Sponsor

Vice President of Epsilon, Ravit Ansal, talked about the company’s 3-year plan to reinvent the customer experiences when visiting the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company website. Takeda is one of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies around the world, so Epsilon will ensure that their site will reflect their success. Their “roadmap” to success includes plans for 360-degree customer views, a scalable platform, multichannel engagement, machine learning, and more, all while delivering a personalized shopping experience. Epsilon highlighted how Adobe Experience Cloud will help them achieve this optimized website.

Invoca: Gold Sponsor

Senior director of product marketing at Invoca, Ian Dailey, spoke about the expected rise in consumer calls to companies and how businesses can address this growing need. He stated that phone calls to businesses will likely reach a total of 162 billion in this year alone! Along with representatives from Bell Canada and Media Experts, Dailey discussed how AI-powered call analytics is helping the companies improve customer experiences, optimize marketing strategies, and keep track of conversion rates. He went on to mention that all of this can be managed with the help of Adobe Audience Manager.

ObservePoint: Diamond Sponsor

Senior product manager Brandon Watson and VP of customer success Patrick Hillery announced the success of ObservePoint’s most recent innovation, CampaignAssurance. This tool makes it easy to create, validate, and monitor tracking codes across multiple channels. It prevents the creation of any conflicting tracking codes and teams can build custom UI to make it as simple as possible to use.

These are just a few of the sponsors that made this year’s Summit an unforgettable experience. To see the full list of businesses that made the 2019 Adobe Summit possible, click here.

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