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Five Surefire Ways to Create a Better Customer Service Experience

Nikki Lanzer June 6, 2019

Five Surefire Ways to Create a Better Customer Service Experience

When operating an eCommerce website, it’s easy to forget about customer service; after all, you aren’t seeing customers face-to-face as you would in a typical brick-and-mortar store. However, the customer experience is just as important online as it is in person. If you want to increase your loyal customer base, you need to go beyond sales to give a great customer experience.

Understand Your Customers

To create a better customer service experience, you need to start by understanding your customers. By utilizing analytics and demographic data, you can receive detailed information about who your customer are, what motivates them, and what their main concerns are. This information can all be used to connect with your customers.

More specifically, demographic information can help you choose the best way to reach out to your customers. For example, if they are 18-35, social media is the best platform to talk with them. However, if they are over 65, it may be best to reach out to customers via phone calls. You can use this information to tailor your customer service platforms. For younger audiences, you may want to respond to their complaints on Twitter. You can respond to tweets and DM them to rectify issues. For older audiences, you should ensure you have a customer service number easily visible on your website.

Create an Emotional Connection

At the end of the day, customers aren’t just analytics in your computer, they are people. If you want to create a positive customer service experience, you need to connect with your customers on an emotional level. This can be as simple as leaving a positive comment on a photo they have tagged you in. Or, if the customer had a terrible experience, empathize with them and turn the experience around.

Creating an emotional connection will grow your loyal customer base. According to a Gallup study, businesses that put a priority on emotional connections outperform their competitors by 85%. Furthermore, customers who feel an emotional connection to your company are three times more likely to both recommend your products and to re-purchase them.

Respond to Feedback

When customers provide feedback, you need to take their recommendations seriously. That doesn’t mean you have to act on every recommendation from a customer, but you should take the time to listen and respond to them, so they know their feedback is heard.

Typically, the only customers who give feedback are the people who are very angry, or customers who care a lot about your business. In both instances, it is beneficial to listen. When customers are angry, there is likely a flaw in your business model. By pinpointing the issue that caused them to feel upset, you can fix the flaw and ensure future customers don’t face the negative issues.

When a customer cares a lot about your business, they do not have ulterior motives when giving feedback. Instead, they want to see you thrive, even if that means being brutally honest. Listen to these honest reviews and make adjustments as you see if. As a rule of thumb, if you hear the same feedback multiple times, you should probably start rectifying the issue.

Create Goals and Objectives

If you want to increase your customer service experience, you can’t fly blindly into the process. Instead, you need to create goals and objectives that are logically and possible for your company. For example, if your objective is to reach customers on a more personal scale, then you can set a related goal of connecting with 200 more customers on social media within the next quarter. Similarly, if you want to cut down on shipping-related complaints, you can adjust your shipping schedule to meet your growing demand. By writing down and keeping track of your goals, you are keeping your company accountable.

Optimize Your Brand Personality

Optimizing your brand personality can be difficult, especially if you solely operate as an eCommerce company. To optimize your brand personality, you will have to utilize email and social media. If you want to be known as a silly eCommerce company, you can run fun social-media related specials. However, if you want to be the epitome of elegance, you can send emails that are beautifully crafted with your color scheme.

By having a consistent brand personality, customers know what to expect from you. If you are a fun, relaxed company, then customers will feel comfortable calling you for unique requests. However, if you are a more elegant company, customers will know to expect a high-quality product every time. As long as your products are consistent with your brand, you create an excellent customer experience.

When customers know what to expect and like the service they see, they will keep coming back to your website. Even in the digital age, the human touch is still desired by customers. Find the perfect balance and you will have loyal customers.

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