cloud security

Is Cloud Security Right for Your Brand?

Most industries have data online at least part of the time in today’s global, virtual economy. Ensuring proprietary information and all your hard work doesn’t fall into the wrong hands…

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web testing

Web Testing: 6 Things You Need to Know

In the current technological era, applications perform numerous functions. Application development is done by writing code to instruct the application on how it will perform the required functions. Within each…

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eCommerce Fraud

eCommerce Fraud Trends in 2022

By Rafael Lourenco, Executive Vice President and Partner at  ClearSale  The challenges of 2020 have poured over into 2021. Of course, so have the opportunities. Along with those opportunities is…

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Cybersecurity: Four Ways SMBs can Protect Themselves from Threats

Cybersecurity threats create a serious risk to SMBs (small-medium businesses.) Regardless of your business model, whether you’re a sales service or a space company involved in a Firefly launch, your…

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Google reCAPTCHA

Why Should Adobe Commerce Merchants Use Google reCAPTCHA?

Online sellers have to strike a delicate balance between creating seamless shopping experiences and keeping their customers’ information secure. Security protocols, such as Google reCAPTCHA forms, can help merchants verify…

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The Major Security Risks of Having a Shared Email

All kinds of businesses may have a generic email account, such as a security email address, that multiple users can access. In these situations, users don’t have their own unique…

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