How to Ace Marketing Videos for Your Social Platforms

marketing videos

So, you’ve nurtured a solid social media presence and you want to make sure that it’s doing everything it can to connect you with a bigger audience. What do you do to engage those people and prompt them to take action? You make marketing videos, of course!   Marketing videos are a great way to get…

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Video Content for eCommerce: Find the Right Type to Boost Conversions

video content

Nowadays, video content is a must when it comes to increasing conversions — especially when it comes to eCommerce. After all, these marketing-optimized videos provide the most reliable way to help potential customers reach a shopping decision.   However, that can only happen if you build a solid video strategy tailored to your marketing objectives.   There…

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Turn Curious Visitors Into Valuable Customers With Explainer Videos

explainer videos

There are people out there with problems that your products or services can solve. And often, all that stands between them and a shopping decision is a better understanding of what your product is all about.   That’s where video marketing and explainer videos come in.   Explainers are short animated pieces that offer your audience a simple and engaging description of how your product can solve their problem and improve their life.   As simple as that? Well, if you ask any experienced production…

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