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Adobe Announces Help for Small & Mid-Sized Business Owners

Brent Peterson May 5, 2020

Adobe Announces Help for Small & Mid-Sized Business Owners

With the threat of Covid-19 causing millions of people to stay within the safety of their homes, countless businesses have been forced to close the doors to their physical locations. As more and more customers are shifting to online shopping for their basic necessities, small and mid-sized business owners are struggling to improve their online shops in order to keep their businesses afloat.

Group Manager of Product Marketing for Adobe Analytics, Nate Smith, explains, “Many people are also trying to avoid large gatherings and public places, and it’s easy to see why online shopping for COVID-19-related items is up. Americans are taking Coronavirus very seriously, and taking measures to protect themselves and their loved ones.”

In this unprecedented and unpredictable time, Adobe recognizes the hardships that businesses are facing right now. In an effort to help leaders and entrepreneurs become well-established in the eCommerce space, Adobe is offering a number of resources for small and medium businesses to take advantage of.

Resources and Programs Available

  • Magento Commerce and Marketo Engage. Eligible businesses can get 3 months of Magento Commerce, paired with Adobe Cloud infrastructure, and Marketo Engage at no cost whatsoever. This free 3-month period will allow brands to get back on their feet and begin making sales before they’re required to pay any fees. Companies can choose to get started with an internal team or a solution partner of their choosing!
  • Magento Commerce Launch Package. Looking to get online as quickly as possible? During this time, Adobe Customer Solutions will work with you to create a Magento Commerce store, including Adobe Cloud infrastructure, in just 2 weeks. Merchants will be able to efficiently list their products and start selling without the headache of building a site from the ground up. Additionally, businesses can choose from a wide variety of solution partners to create a customized website that will make shopping easy and delightful for customers.
  • Free Magento and Marketo Engage Training. Right now, all Magento University and Marketo University courses are available on-demand for free for 3 months. Merchants can keep their teams up-to-date on the latest digital technologies and strategies without worrying about the cost. These courses will be available through June 30, 2020.

Additional Services from Adobe

Along with the programs listed above, small and mid-sized businesses can also access these special deals and Adobe services:

  • Acrobat PDF services. Until May 31, individuals can use online Acrobat PDF tools up to 10 times per day for free. These tools will allow people to convert Word documents, PowerPoints, Excel sheets, and more into PDF files within seconds!
  • Adobe Connect. Anyone can use Adobe Connect with up to 25 participants for free for up to 90 days if they sign up for a trial license between now and July 1, 2020.
  • Adobe Talent. All companies and recruiters can access Adobe Talent on Behance for free through May 15, 2020.
  • Adobe Portfolio. Adobe Portfolio will be free to everyone through May 15, including free hosting and unlimited pages.

For more information about what Adobe is doing to assist merchants during this global pandemic, click here to stay updated.

Wagento is also doing its part to help merchants navigate Covid-19!

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