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From platform migrations to custom data migrations, we make your life hassle-free by doing all the heavy lifting in bulk. We also are happy to hand-hold all your staff in training them for any future updates.

HubSpot CRM Data Migration:

Wagento helps migrate your CRM data to HubSpot! It can be a daunting task, especially if you are dealing with complex data or your team is not equipped with the bandwidth or expertise to get the job done. 


Connect with Wagento and allow us to smoothen the transition for you and in turn make you & your teams adept in handling future requirements of the same nature. No time or business loss, guaranteed. 

Our Process

  • Audit current CRM data: decide what needs to migrate; suggest clean up. 
  • Design migration strategy: determine data mapping process and technical approach. Conduct test migration: ensure everything is accounted for and correct. 
  • Perform migration: data ready to use in HubSpot. 

Migrate to Magento 2!

Are you still on Magento 1? It is time to migrate!
Magento 1 stopped receiving support in June 2020, and the longer you wait to move, the more issues you will encounter. Let us help you avoid the inevitable roadblocks that come with staying on an outdated platform and migrate with 
Wagento today!

Migrate your eCommerce platform or web store data!

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