LINK Mobility
SMS Notifications

Extension by Wagento

Extension Overview

LINK Mobility is a leading European mobile messaging service provider that facilitates communication globally via its SMS platform.



Their offerings include custom shortcodes, high volume SMS sending, and a myriad of other mobile solutions. When you create an account, LINK Mobility will work with you to craft a mobile messaging plan tailored to fit your store's unique needs and requirements.


LINK Mobility SMS Notifications for Magento 2 adds transactional text messaging capability by utilizing LINK Mobility's message gateway. It enables you to notify your customers when an action is performed against their order and keeps them informed through every step of the order process. This level of engagement improves customer satisfaction and helps increase retention.

Account & Pricing

This LINK Mobility SMS Notifications extension is free of charge. However, a separate messaging plan from LINK Mobility is required for an additional fee, which depends on the targeted market. Please contact LINK Mobility Sales for more information and assistance opening a new account and pricing information. A new account cannot be created during extension installation.


This extension enhances your Magento store with the following functionality:


  • Notifies customers when their order has been placed successfully, invoiced, shipped, canceled, refunded, held or released.
  • Allows customers to choose the types of notifications that they wish to receive.
  • Provides a registration field for the customer to specify the mobile number where they wish to receive messages at.
  • Adds a page to the Customer Account Dashboard to allow for easy management of the customer’s subscription preferences and their subscribed mobile phone number.
  • Allows store administrators to view and modify notification subscriptions for a chosen customer from the Magento administration panel.
  • Makes it easy for store administrators to customize sent messages with simple macros for inserting the store name, customer name, and more at a store view level.


  • Magento Open Source/Commerce 2.3.0+ or 2.4.0+
  • PHP 7.3.* or PHP 7.4.*
  • A LINK Mobility messaging plan


If you have an issue with the extension, please open a support ticket by sending an e-mail. For issues related to the LINK Mobility messaging service, please contact LINK Mobility Support or your account representative.

Upcoming Features

Account Notifications

  • Alert when an account is logged in
  • Alert when a login fails
  • Alert when a password is reset or changed
  • Alert when an account is updated

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