Code Audits

What you don't know
can hurt you.

What site-crash or unexpected expense is lurking beneath the surface? Your site has seen a lot of changes and, chances are, has accumulated some technical debt. A second opinion on your code could save you thousands. Partner with Wagento and turn the lights on.

Wagento Code Audits Include:

  • Hosting Partner
  • Web servers
  • Current site speed
  • Caching
  • Server configuration
  • Future compatibility of existing modules
  • Database performance review
  • Load and Stress Test
  • Analyze native and custom functionalities
  • Analyze existing integrations
  • Analyze present Infrastructure
  • Determinate continuous improvement
  • And more...

We keep it simple so you can get the results you need:

Discuss your site concerns with us. Our expert developers will complete your code audit. We’ll share the results with you in a detailed report and consultation session.

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