Wagento Center of

What is the Wagento Center
of Excellence?

The Wagento Center of Excellence is a group of developers, project managers, and thought leaders at Wagento whose mission is to serve and cultivate the Adobe Commerce ecosystem. In order to meet this goal, the WCoE empowers its employees and the greater Adobe Commerce community to improve their knowledge, foster innovation, collaborate ideas, and exercise creativity.

Wagento Center of Excellence Mission

Part of our mission is for all developers and project managers to get Adobe certifications. We want everyone in the WCoE to grow in their knowledge and specialties, particularly when it comes to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Getting certified is also a guaranteed way for employees to advance in their positions and open new doors of opportunity in their career paths.


One cornerstone of our mission is to establish Wagento as a leader in the Adobe Commerce sphere. Wagento has been in the eCommerce game for over a decade and has already made a name for itself as an expert in the Magento community. Now, as one of 4,000 partners within the Adobe Commerce ecosystem, we would like to distinguish ourselves through our specific experience, skillsets, expertise. In order to set ourselves apart, we must be actively pursuing knowledge and growing in our strengths.


Maintain “Magento” Spirit Within Adobe Space
Ever since Magento became Adobe Commerce, the name "Magento" has continued to fade from our vocabularies altogether. Despite the official nomenclature, the WCoE strives to keep the spirit of the Magento alive and preserve its identity within the Adobe space. We don't want to lose the Magento community and all its experience and accomplishments—rather, we hope to preserve its legacy within its new Adobe home.


Innovation is fundamental to the Wagento Center of Excellence. We encourage our developers and project managers to pair their knowledge with imagination to come up with new ideas and ultimately foster an environment of learning, growth, and creativity. We have plans to sponsor an Innovations Lab, where the broader community can come up with new solutions that can be shared and voted upon for Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce.


Knowledge Sharing
The WCoE doesn't exist in a vacuum—instead, it is designed to carry on a legacy of knowledge, ideas, solutions, and community experiences. Through the WCoE, we hope to grow as a knowledge-sharing hub, dispensing our findings and ideas to other developers, agencies, and project managers like a honey bee pollinating a garden. A single tulip is beautiful, but why not fertilize a whole flower bed? Educating our own employees is important, but in the long run, we’d like to see our knowledge and skills spread and multiply.


Community Collaboration
Whether you’re a developer, an employee, or a solutions architect, the WCoE urges you to participate in the larger community! It is so important get involved, whether that means attending a conference, helping plan meetups and events, or even contributing regularly to community solutions forums and websites. The WCoE strives to be a space that fosters participation by providing the necessary tools and resources you need to get active in the community!

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