Wagento & ClearSale


Wagento and ClearSale have partnered to form the ultimate eCommerce and fraud protection duo!

Wagento is a full-service development agency dedicated to making businesses better.

Through our skilled expertise in eCommerce, SEO, Web Design, and the Magento platform as a whole, we provide undivided service catered to our clients’ particular needs and visions. With more than 34 Certified Magento 2 developers and over 300 successful Magento builds, our competence and impressive track record separate us from the competition while building our brand on a standard for excellence.

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ClearSale is an innovative fraud protection customized for your business!

Merchants can expect nothing short of a comprehensive, tech-forward solution led by the world's largest team of fraud experts. ClearSale guarantees the highest approval rates and lowest false positive rates in the industry without compromising the online shopping experience. Clients can have peace of mind knowing they can sell more and sell more safely.