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Trends to Follow: Adding Value to Magento 2 Sites

Brent Peterson Brent Peterson May 16, 2019


Magento Imagine 2019 is set to take off in Las Vegas on May 13, and attendees are in for a real treat! This outstanding event will attract thousands of professionals from around the globe for 3 full days featuring several world-renowned speakers, dozens of workshops, countless networking opportunities, and a massive party to end the experience on a high note.

A major highlight of this event is the chance for attendees to learn all about the latest eCommerce trends and an inside look at innovations coming from the Magento platform and community members. Just a few main trends that people can expect to hear about during the conference include:

Improving Mobile Commerce Experiences

Mobile shopping has been a growing consumer trend for the past few years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Customers now expect modern stores to be fast and easy to navigate on their mobile devices, and business leaders have been racing to keep up with these shifting demands. Although Magento released their PWA (progressive web app) Studio at the beginning of this year, they will likely discuss a multitude of other ways for merchants to optimize their stores for mobile devices.

Utilizing Virtual Chatbots

The use of chatbots became a huge trend in 2018 due to the number of capabilities and functions a chatbot can provide. Chatbots can easily answer consumer questions on the spot, handle basic customer service needs, suggest products, and much more when they are connected with AI. These simple bots can also keep track of data and give business leaders more insight regarding their customer base.

The amount of time chatbots can save your customers (and your customer service team) will let your business expand more rapidly in the years to come. Plan on hearing more about chatbots at Imagine 2019, and check out the chatbot extensions already available on the Magento Marketplace!

Building an Omnichannel Presence

Magento experts and developers understand the difficulties sellers can have when it comes to reaching customers through multiple online channels and in physical stores. Efficiently maintaining an omnichannel presence is a struggle for numerous businesses, so Magento developed Magento Commerce, Magento Order Management, and Magento Business Intelligence to streamline the process. With these tools, along with the new features within the Adobe Experience Cloud, you can create personalized shopping journeys for each shopper whether they use their phone, laptop, or visit a brick-and-mortar location.

These are just a handful of the topics that will be addressed at this year’s Magento Imagine event, so stay tuned to hear more about the latest upcoming trends and innovations!

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