Sales Tax Compliance for Modern Commerce

TaxJar has a solution to better manage sales tax when the complexities of sales volume, state nexus, and platform needs have multiplied — all while ensuring cost effectiveness.

TaxJar is on a mission to revolutionize how companies manage sales tax compliance. They are known for their cloud-based platform solution that automates the entire sales tax life cycle—from calculations to nexus tracking and everything in between. TaxJar is dedicated to driving technology that will simplify tax compliance and lift the burden of navigating complicated tax guidelines off of businesses' shoulders.

TaxJar Sales Tax Compliance Platform

Managing and paying taxes as a business can be complicated. In order to give companies the ability to focus on their customers and sales, TaxJar has developed technology that automates the most tedious tax compliance tasks all on a cloud platform that delivers high performance, reliability, and flexibility.

  • Connect your eCommerce or ERP platform: Prebuilt integrations with popular platforms quickly connect TaxJar to your existing systems.
  • Determine economic nexus: The Nexus Insights Dashboard and notifications help you stay ahead of your sales tax responsibilities by state.
  • Collect accurate sales tax at checkout: The real-time calculation engine and sales tax API provides rooftop-level, product-specific sales tax.
  • Access sales tax reports: The reporting dashboard compiles data from all your channels to give you the most up-to-date view of your transactions and tax liability.
  • File and remit automatically: TaxJar AutoFile prepares and submits an accurate return and remittance for each state in which you’re enrolled.

When You Choose TaxJar, You Can:

  • Reduce risk of errors and missed deadlines

  • Sell across more channels with less effort

  • Integrate TaxJar with eCommerce or ERP platforms

  • Get support from a knowledgeable customer service team


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