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Sticker Mule: Beyond Laptop Swag

Brent Peterson Brent Peterson November 12, 2019

When you’re trying to grow your brand or launch a new marketing campaign, it can be difficult to come up with new ideas to delight your customers and attract new buyers. There are countless articles online about utilizing modern marketing solutions, from mixing up your content strategy to optimizing your social selling techniques, so it can be easy to forget about the highly effective (and inexpensive!) impacts that customized stickers can have on your business.

After partnering with Sticker Mule, Wagento was able to strengthen its connections all around the world with specialized, branded items for its offices in India, Mexico, US and now the UK. Wagento recognized that Sticker Mule offers much more than just high-quality laptop stickers​; the creative brand might have exactly what your company needs for its next campaign. 

What is Sticker Mule?

Sticker Mule is best known for creating custom-made vinyl stickers that can display any logo, photo, or design you desire. Your stickers can be any shape or size, and you can even specify that they adhere to certain items, such as hard hats, windows, laptops, or car bumpers. Or, if you’re not into stickers at all, you can promote your brand with over 100 other customizable options. Sticker Mule can give your business a complete facelift with high-quality packaging tape, buttons, magnets, shipping bags, and product labels that are sure to set your items apart from the competition!

Why Wagento Loves Sticker Mule

If you’ve been searching for a fun, creative way to market your brand, Sticker Mule can help you show off your company’s unique style while delighting your inner child (after all, who doesn’t love stickers?!). With a defect rate of less than 1%, Sticker Mule has kept thousands of clients satisfied, with 95% of customers saying that they would order from the company again. This is especially impressive when you consider that its customers include Wagento, Nike, Google, Uber, GitHub, Coca-Cola, Target, PayPal, Netflix, Adobe, and other globally-recognized brands. (Like Wagento)

The team at Sticker Mule is also dedicated to providing the quickest and easiest way to order customized branded items. Currently, it just takes 60 seconds to submit an order, and clients can expect to receive their products within days—not weeks. With free artwork design help, free worldwide shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can confidently order from Sticker Mule knowing that you’re getting the best service available.

If you want your very own customized bumper stickers, coasters, magnets, buttons, or packaging tape, check out Sticker Mule to see how easy it is to get started and make your marketing efforts stick!

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