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Shopware Release: Everything You Need to Know

Brent Peterson Brent Peterson March 29, 2022

Shopware is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that was launched in Germany back in 2000. Although Shopware began as a small initiative, the open-source brand is now used by over 100,000 organizations around the globe. 

This February, Wagento was officially named as a Shopware Enterprise Partner, and Shopware’s latest version was made available to retailers. Shopware is the first major upgrade the brand has made so far in 2022, and it comes with several exciting improvements for users.

You can find the full release notes from Shopware here, or you can view a summarized version of the new features below.

Better Search Functionality

Shopware administrators will find it much easier to locate crucial information with the updated search function. Whether you’re searching for customer data, specific orders, or product specs, the improved search capabilities will make the process a breeze. Administrators can enjoy a more precise and accurate search with new capabilities like:

  • Granular search filters and adjustments
  • Module search functions
  • Saved recent searches

Streamlined Product Creation

Adding new products and editing product information is easier than ever for store owners. Along with reducing the number of fields you’re required to fill out, the upgraded Shopware release allows you to:

  • Set default tax rates for new products
  • Create a new manufacturer while adding new products
  • Find useful links for improving your website’s user experience

Bulk Editing Updates

In October 2021, Shopware introduced their “Bulk Edit” feature, which allowed administrators to make changes to several sets of data at once. Now, the bulk editing feature can be used for customers and product prices as well! Instead of having to edit each of these components individually, administrators can make widespread changes in a fraction of the time.

Faster Checkout

Shopware’s improved checkout process automatically selects the correct shipping address and payment method for each customer. In the past, a customer who selected standard delivery for a large item would receive an error message, forcing them to return to the previous page and select a new delivery method. Now, the correct delivery method will be chosen automatically in the background, making the checkout process faster for the customer.

Data Import/Export Tools

Shopware’s Import and Export module got several upgrades, allowing users to:

  • See a preview before starting an import
  • Stop imports manually if they’re loading too slowly
  • Import discounts
  • Define entities and profiles for import 
  • Export data more easily
  • Import profiles using a CSV file

Upgraded Shopware Rule Builder

The upgraded Rule Builder feature makes it easy to create and set your own rules for your eCommerce store. Several conditions have been added in the latest release, allowing you to:

  • Set the shopping cart value as a condition and combine it with a promotion without impacting the shipping costs
  • Define rules that only impact guest users
  • Set rules based on the user’s preferred language

If you’d like to see all the details for each Shopware release, you can check out the technical changelog here!

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