Magento Upgrades

Magento Upgrades

Upgrade to get the newest Magento features, including responsive web design.

Is your version of Magento up to date?

Upgrading a Magento site can be a tricky task, and each step can lead to days of headaches. Wagento has successfully upgraded 100's of Magento sites from Community versions to the latest Enterprise version. We understand the intricacies that can stop your progress and leave you pulling your hair out. Each new release poses new obstacles and hurdles. New features sometimes have to be accounted for in theming and old features that have been discontinued can give you problems after the upgrade. Wagento has developed a logical upgrade process that will always leave your live site safe and running.

  • Step 1: Site Discovery

    Our experienced development team will inventory your site before we start. They will look through your themes, review your installed modules and examine the code for local overrides. A report will be created based on the discovery and used during the upgrade process.

  • Step 2: Upgrade

    Our team will set up a development environment in which the upgrade will be performed - it will be on a different server than your live site. This ensures that no part of the upgrade process will bring down or negatively impact your live site. It is true that larger upgrades could take 24 hours to complete! The server stress can slow down your live site and slow down the upgrade process. We will place your upgrade on a dedicated upgrade server. Larger upgrades can be put on "Mega" servers with multiple cores and more gigabytes of RAM.

  • Step 3: Quality Assurance Testing

    After our team has performed the upgrade by running the necessary scripts and installing the new modules, they will begin Quality Assurance testing ("QA-ing") on the upgraded site.

    Since we have done so many upgrades, we already have a procedure in place to account for each step in the process. We go through this check list one step at a time to ensure your site meets the highest standards that Magento offers.

Professional Solutions Partner: Wagento is a Magento Professional Solutions Partner, this means Magento has deemed us worthy at the Enterprise level and have a staff of Magento Certified developers. We have experience in upgrading both CE and EE Magento websites.