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Seriously…Find Yourself an Events Coordinator

Brent Peterson Brent Peterson March 9, 2020

Seriously...Find Yourself an Events Coordinator

The Mind Behind Wagento Events

When people attend a memorable event—whether it’s a concert, a ballgame, or even a knock-it-out-of-the-park e-Commerce conference—they usually don’t stop to think about the enormous amounts of planning and coordination that go into bringing that event to life. They see the flower, enjoy the flower, pick the flower, and then forget about the root that was its lifeline.

Here at Wagento, we’ve had the privilege of touting an employee who’s tended to this root since she joined the team in 2017. Although Madeleine Anderson recently added Partners Manager to her title (in addition, of course, to her new last name) she continues to serve in her role as Wagento’s Events Coordinator.

When Madeleine jumped on board with us three years ago, she eagerly took the reins in the planning department, and her initial knack for envisioning, organizing, and executing one successful event after another hasn’t wavered since.

Wagento’s Event Lineup

Madeleine made her event-planning debut her first year with MageTitans—a conference held in Mexico, where developers within the broader Magento community could come and speak, learn, and share insights. In 2019, MageX replaced MageTitans in Austin, Texas, expanding its audience to merchants and partners—not just developers.

Madeleine has also taken over organizing our Big Dam Run—a 5K race held outside Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam the Sunday before the annual Magento Imagine conference (8 years and counting!).

Our expert events coordinator has also played a huge role in our yearly Meet Magento India conference, which consistently draws a huge global turnout of 600 attendees!

In addition to these ongoing events, Madeleine is currently planning for more events on the horizon! Stay tuned for details about our NEW Meet Magento Mexico this November!

The Event-Planning Guru

From high-energy 5K races in the desert to elaborate conferences with stellar lineups of tech and business experts from across the globe, Madeleine has experience in planning for a diverse range of events. She knows what needs to be accomplished at every step of the way—including even after the dust has settled, when (despite the urge to celebrate) there are still thank-yous to be sent, follow-ups to be made, and both literal and metaphorical cleanups to be done.

In all, we’re extremely thankful to have Madeleine on our team! The ongoing success of our events has been a complete game-changer for our company, and we believe other companies with their own personal events person couldn’t agree more.

For questions regarding partner opportunities or Wagento events, please contact Madeleine at madeleine@wagento.com.

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