Daily and Weekly Programming Rate

For quick updates we charge $129 per hour, this includes MS SQL, MySQL, Postgri SQL, T-SQL and other Database programming along with PHP

If a project is worth doing it will usually take more than 1 hour. The following are our published rates for a qualified programmer by the day and by the week. Most work can be done remotely, but if you prefer we can come on site. Travel expenses will be in addition to the following.

Published Daily Software Developer Rate $800 US (8 hour working day)

Published Weekly Software Developer Rate $3560 US (40 hour working week)

If you simply need data entry or your Magento store managed, we have specialist who can help you. Our rates are as follows

Published Daily Data Entry/Content Editor Rate $240 US (8 hour working day)

Published Weekly Data Entry/Content Editor Rate $1000 US (40 hour working week)

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