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About APS

There is a lot to consider when looking for the best integrated credit card processor for your business. Most merchants agree that it is important to get the best rates, but there is a lot more to consider.  Merchants need their merchant service provider to be their trusted friend and guide through the payments industry.  If you do not understand your bill, we will educate you on how you are currently priced. Credit card and payment processing are just a small part of the APS Payments solutions-driven model.  APS Payments is a FinTech and we pride ourselves on being credit card industry experts.  We work diligently to get you the lowest credit card processing rates, reduce your risk, and provide the best solutions for your business.   We provide trustworthy service for every business and every payment. What’s more, we do this all at a negative cost to your company. When it comes to payments, don’t settle for less than APS!