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Unique Needs,
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Business-to-business (B2B) merchants come with different priorities, challenges, and expectations than their B2C counterparts, which is why they require their own unique solutions. Breaking into the B2B marketplace is no small feat, either—fortunately, Magento can enable unbeatable shopping experiences for both B2B and B2C audiences from the same platform.


Magento comes with its own set of built-in B2B functionalities, including the ability for B2B customers to self-manage their company accounts, where they can track quotes, view order histories, and track credit online.

Why Magento for B2B?

  • Custom Catalogs and Pricing
  • Smart Order Management and Inventory
  • Friction-Free Purchasing
  • Engaging Experiences on All Devices
  • Effortless Management and Integration

Flexible Customization

B2B marketing is not as different from B2C than most people think. Ultimately, the business buying from you is made up of human decision makers, after all! That being said, there are specific strategies that a B2B site must have in order to appeal to other businesses — and the highly customizable open source code of Magento makes creating a unique experience tailored to your target audience easier than ever before. From small tweaks to big overhauls, you can try out any feature or design that you wish to optimize your site.

Customizable Pricing for Merchants with a Diverse Client Base

In addition to enjoying Magento’s extensive design possibilities, users also benefit from highly customizable pricing options. You can set unique pricing for specific customer groups that are vital to your business — perhaps you wish to provide enterprise pricing for your largest clients, for example. Magento also makes it simple to offer a discount for bulk orders or to create pricing tiers based upon factors such as quantity purchased. Because many vendors and other B2B services work with a wide range of clients with a diverse set of needs, these pricing controls make ensuring profitability and customer satisfaction a breeze.

Site Management

With Magento, you can have complete control over your site. User permissions are completely customizable so that your internal employees don’t have total access to the site’s design features. You can alter how customers see their account pages and add new billing or shipping options, for example. Products and orders can also be easily viewed in summary or individually. The option to uniquely design your order fulfillment process and shipping updates will help you create a streamlined experience for the customer.

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