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Magento 2.3: 10 Must-Haves in the New Release

Brent Peterson Brent Peterson February 7, 2020

Magento 2.3, the latest version of the Magento platform, comes with several new features and updates designed to make e-commerce easier and more efficient than ever. Although Magento 2.3 was just recently released in November of 2018, countless customers are raving about the new tools available in the new-and-improved version. Out of all the new benefits offered on the platform, these were the 10 features that Magento users were most excited about:

Top 10 Magento 2.3 Features List

  • Page Builder. A highly-requested feature was a way for business owners to create web pages without having to write code, this common issue has been solved in Magento 2.3 with the use of Blue Foot CMS technology. Magento essentially rewrote and enhanced the Blue Foot CMS while maintaining some of the technology’s key features. The end result is an easy way for users to create unique web templates, including user-friendly drag-and-drop methods.
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Studio. By 2021, mobile e-commerce is expected to make up 54% of total e-commerce sales, with this in mind, Magento 2.3 features a PWA studio for merchants to create progressive web apps, a hybrid between mobile apps and websites. Mobile shoppers will be happy with the speed and clean layout, while merchants can expect to improve their conversion rates and page performance.
  • GraphQL support. Originally developed by Facebook in 2015, GraphQL is an API technology that allows you to search for specific data when needed, and it’s designed to transfer data in smaller amounts. Being able to make short API requests means that pages load faster, even on slower network connections.
  • Google reCAPTCHA and Two-Factor Authentication. Security is one of the top concerns for the modern businessperson, so Magento 2.3 launched with additional authentication features. Instead of just typing their password to log in to the website, users will also receive a security code via text or email to verify that the same person is attempting to log in. Google reCAPTCHA is an additional benefit to make sure humans, not bots, are visiting the site.
  • Declarative DB Schema. This feature makes installation and upgrades easy for Magento users by reducing the number of database scripts that need to be maintained. Also, the DB schema will now let Magento launch changes through patch releases, which has not been possible up to this point.
  • Asynchronous and Bulk Web Magento stores will now have total support for PHP 7.2 w Magento 2.3. PHP 7.2 itself comes with much new development for a long time for the server to respond. Asynchronous API aims to reduce wait times by completing these tasks in the background. This idea began as a contribution from the Magento community, and it was such a success that it’s now a featured tool in the latest version of Magento. Users can now process multiple API requests without waiting for the server to respond, which is a lifesaver for merchants of giant online stores that have countless API requests every day.
  • Elasticsearch Updates. Previously, Elasticsearch support was only provided through Magento Commerce, but now it will be available to Magento Open Source users as well. All online merchants using the Magento platform can now use Elasticsearch to enhance their website search functions by providing more relevant search results for customer queries.
  • Complete PHP 7.2 Support. Magento stores will now have full support for PHP 7.2 with Magento 2.3. PHP 7.2 itself comes with many new development features, including enhancements to site performance and website security.
  • Multi-Source Inventory (MSI). MSI is a game-changer for merchants with multiple store locations or inventory stored in various warehouses. Magento previously had just one inventory system, but in the latest release, merchants can easily manage all their inventory from multiple places from the admin panel. Online sellers can also do the following tasks using the MSI system:
    • Send different amounts of products to each of their sources.
    • Easily track the inventory at each location.
    • Improve operations by using automatic inventory fulfillment.
    • Integrate with other third-party systems.
  • Cache-Management ACL. With this handy feature, admins can have complete control over who can view and/or delete items in the cache. If there are new employees or team members who are unfamiliar with the system, the business owner can limit their capabilities when it comes to managing the system cache. This prevents any necessary content from being accidentally deleted from the cache.

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