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How to get Social Media Marketing Right for eCommerce Websites

Abhijay V April 7, 2022

social media marketing

Social media and marketing  

If done right, social media marketing can be a force to reckon with when it comes to eCommerce platforms. Doing it right means understanding the basics which form the basis of your campaign, and that depends on the following; 

  • Target audience. 
  • Specifically social media. 
  • What competitors are offering. 
  • Market trends or dynamics. 

With that in mind, your focus should now shift to how to increase eCommerce sales using social media marketing. This is how you go about it; 

Create and share top-notch content  

With so much to do or see in social media, you should invest in concise and powerful content. Your ultimate goal is grabbing a reader’s attention and taking advantage of it in relaying your content from the start. Once you understand your audience and your brand, it is not complicated; come up with suitable images and catchy posts.  

When doing so, other online marketing factors should be in your mind. One such factor is SEO, and it is simple. Don’t overthink, don’t be too wordy; your readers don’t have much time to go through lengthy posts. And don’t forget to throw in an eye-catching image or two in there.  

Provide customers with coupons and discounts 

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Creating and sharing top-notch content is excellent, but those readers get moved by rewards and discounts. In a world where eCommerce is rapidly rewriting the rules of purchase and supply, competitors are always coming up with strategies designed to grab the potential clients’ attention and retain them.  

Therefore, it is imperative to consult your team and experts, if need be, and come up with coupons and discounts to fill your social media marketing strategy. These can help create a new client base and cement a stable relationship with the existing client base. This is achievable through, among others, either a combination of the following methods; 

  • New customer referral discount. 
  • New customer registration coupon. 
  • Festive season sales. 
  • New client discounts. 
  • New product discounts. 

Make use of social reviews 

social media marketing reviews

Client satisfaction is imperative if you want to remain relevant in any industry. You can use that to your advantage by getting reviews from your past clients. That helps in building trust among the potential clients besides drawing them to your product or service. Shifting gears, a little, using social reviews is also a cost-effective method of building a stable relationship between your brand and client.  

The following methods, among others, will help you get social media reviews; 

1. Facebook 

Facebook is the most used social media, and it should top your list of priorities if you need to get social media reviews. Consider; 

  • Make sure your business page review tab is on. If not, consider going to the settings tab and switching it on.  
  • Create an impression that you are active by commenting on all reviews. 

2. Google 

Google is a powerful tool and still ranks number one among all search engines. Getting a massive number of reviews on Google is an excellent way of creating a positive perception among potential clients. This is all you need to do; 

  • Verify your business on the search engine, and it will allow a review to pop up in the map searches. You will also be allowed to comment on all the reviews.  
  • Make your google page a part of your email signature, and that’s a sure way of driving traffic to your page. 
  • Consider ranking the positive google reviews on top of the rest. 

3. LinkedIn  

LinkedIn recommendations can be compelling, especially in B2B marketing or individual service businesses or professions.  This is how you go about it; 

  • Consider using your site to promote your profile.  
  • Consider inviting your connection to give positive reviews. 
  • Don’t forget; your positive reviews go up. 

4. General tactics, among others; 

  • Send email requests. 
  • Consider placing CTAs on your website. 
  • Ask your past and present clients to give you reviews. 
  • Keep the negative reviews.   
  • Go straight to the point and tell the clients what you want them to review. 
  • Ask for reviews at the right time, don’t wait too long.  
  • If you can’t ask for the reviews personally, consider incentivizing your team to do so on your behalf.  
  • Consider using the reviews you already have to your advantage.  

Ensure your social media content is mobile-friendly 

social media marketing 2

Many folks who consider themselves loyal to eCommerce sites access them through their mobile devices, specifically smartphones and tablets. When coming up with social media marketing, you must always have these folks in mind. That eventually makes it easy for them to access content without having to use their computers. 

From time to time, make use of hashtags 

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The hashtags have unique and specific keywords that help connect social media users across two or more social networks. It is imperative to note that this method works best based on shared interests and themes. However, this method of social media marketing is not limited to existing users. It can prove extremely powerful when attracting and retaining new clients. 

When investing in this method, consider the following cardinal rules; 

  • Be unique and concise. 
  • Don’t overdo hashtags; appear professional.  
  • Before you use a hashtag, consider doing ample research on the same.  
  • Use hashtags across the most popular social media. 
  • Understand the trends and take advantage of the trending hashtags. 
  • You want to remain relevant and while maintaining the highest level of simplicity.  

Make use of paid ads 

A wise business-minded person believes and invests in growth. When it comes to social media marketing of eCommerce platforms, paid adverts can be a powerful tool that propels your growth. The most outright advantage of this method of reaching out to potential or existing clients is the cost-effectiveness that comes with it. 

Compared to the old-fashioned advertising methods, paid ads help you reach only the niche markets. The cost-effective aspect of it comes in that you only get to pay per click.  

Using the right channels 

There are various channels of reaching out to the masses, and they work differently across platforms. Identifying the best depends on a variety of factors such as; 

  • Your brand, product, or service. 
  • Your target audience. 
  • The cost aspect of it. 
  • Effectiveness of the specific channel. 

Use influencers 

social media marketing 4

Most celebrities command a massive following among social media users, and you can use that to your advantage. All you need to do is consider taking your time to understand their current audience and their potential impact on the masses. You will then need to initiate a negotiation process with them and hit the ground running. 

Make use of product videos

social media marketing product videos

Basic psychology; videos are powerful compared to wordings, and if it’s an essay, too bad for you, fewer people will read through. The way out is simple; consider using concise information and a short video, and all you have to do is wait for the results. Note that the video should be as short as possible and straight to the point, depending on what you need to address. 

Optimize your posts

Being concise is undoubtedly a great way of connecting with your audience, but restricting yourself to the basics will not get the job done. Think and take advantage of optimizing your posts, consider;

  • Doing ample keyword research.
  • Maintain a reliable posting schedule.
  • Regularly monitor your campaign.
  • Remember to take advantage of the hashtags.
  • Optimize your content.
  • Optimize your strategy.
  • Optimize your profile.

Ensure customers can purchase easily through your social media platforms

shopping shoes

You have successfully reached out to the masses; now the question becomes, how effortless is it for them to access your products? Consider making their work easier by putting in place processes or systems that will ensure easy access to your products. First and probably most importantly, consider investing in a direct product link to your website. 

You will also need to provide direct communication channels such as mobile numbers and email addresses.  

Create more engaging content 

Coming up with engaging content and actively participating in it will create a connection between yourself and clients. However, it is vital to bear in mind that while this is happening, some social media users may drop some not-so-nice comments. The solution? Please don’t rush to block them. Consider keeping your cool and respond to them with the highest possible level of professionalism.  

Make use of blogs 

Concise and straight to the point, that’s evident all over this article, and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give out ample information. You can do so by giving out links to your blogs through various social media.  


Social media can be a powerful tool when it comes to promoting your eCommerce platform. Doing it right boils down to taking your time and using the strategies mentioned above. They are valuable to both the existing as well as potential clients. 

About the author 

Rithesh Raghavan is the Director at Acodez, a Digital Agency in India. Having a rich experience of 15+ years in Digital Marketing, Rithesh loves to write up his thoughts on the latest trends and developments in the world of IT and software development. 

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