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Google Shopping Ads Channel Available in Magento Marketplace

Brent Peterson Brent Peterson July 23, 2019

Google Shopping Ads Channel Available in Magento Marketplace

Did you know that Google Shopping ads account for 60% of total ad clicks? For customers searching for specific items, these ads couldn’t become more convenient. Users simply type the product they’re looking for into Google, and a list of recommended product pages immediately appears. The entire shopping process, from typing the query to completing the order, can take less than a minute!

Retailers that utilize Google Shopping ads can definitely improve their conversion rates and sales, but it can often be difficult to manage multiple marketing campaigns across several platforms. Fortunately, Magento’s free Google Shopping Ads Channel extension can eradicate these common issues by making it easy and efficient for sellers to manage advertising campaigns across the Google network.

Advantages of Google Shopping Ads Channel

Google has plenty of useful tools for eCommerce sellers, so Magento created a way to integrate all of these features into your Magento admin dashboard. You can manage and create various ad campaigns on different platforms from one single dashboard, which maximizes efficiency and clearly displays all the necessary data.

Along with using this incredibly streamlined marketing tool, sellers can also use Google Shopping Ads Channel to:

  • Connect Magento and Google. Merchants using this free extension can sync their Magento catalog with Google Merchant Center and easily update their products at any time.
  • Leverage Google Smart Shopping campaigns. Google’s machine learning technology can boost your conversions by finding the right times to show potential customers your ads as they shop. Google stated that “Our systems will pull from your product feed and test different combinations of the image and text you provide, then show the most relevant ads across Google networks, including the Google Search Network, the Google Display Network, YouTube, and Gmail.”
  • Boost efficiency. Marketers can save hours of time every week by reducing the total number of platforms they have to use. Since the Magento product catalog will be synced with Google, they can change information from their admin dashboard and watch as the changes occur automatically across the web.
  • Manage spending. Google Smart Shopping campaigns make it easy to create effective marketing campaigns without spending a fortune. Users can simply set a daily budget to manage their spending on Google Merchant Center.
  • Track and analyze data. During your campaigns, you can track the data right from your admin panel, or you can utilize Magento Business Intelligence for an in-depth analysis.

How to Integrate Google Shopping Ads Channel

Google Shopping Ads Channel is globally available for merchants on Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.2.4 and later. Although the extension is completely free, you will be required to provide Google with your payment info before your ads will be published. To learn about your options, click here to read about managing your spending with Google Ads.

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