Wagento Project Procedures



Clone Git repo to your local Branch feature on local Push feature to remote (if you need to share with another developer)

  • git clone repo-url local_folder
  • git pull origin master
  • git checkout –b myfeature

Now you can make all your code changes to your project. You will see your changes at anytime by doing

  • git status

Once you are finished you can do the following

  • git commit –am ‘description of what you did’
  • git status – you can see what is left as modified now
  • git pull origin master – make sure your local is up to date and resolve any conflicts
  • git push origin myfeature

The goal is to not have conflicts and to fully test your new feature on your local. We have a shared Development server that you will see your changes on once they are merged to Develop. Currently only David, Brent and Simon can merge to Develop and Master. More active clients will have a testing site where we can checkout your feature and test. This document is a work in progress and your feedback is important. Please email with any ideas you have to make the process better.

To reiterate:All feature branches will be based off of MASTER

Code Tasks

Codebase will automatically find tasks within your repository by looking for anything prefixed
with TODO:, BUG:, OPTIMIZE: or FIXME:. These tasks will be added to the 'Tasks' section of the Repositories view where you can view them and quickly turn them into a ticket.

Remember to put your ticket number on your Commit (See below)

Database and Files

  • Place all config defaults into XML inside module, it will work if value doesn’t exist in database
  • Script as much data via install and upgrade scripts - Development databases connections are available, please talk to Brent
  • Upload file section in Code Base
  • Flag appropriate person


  • Assign open ticket to self - Mark progress state - When completed mark it for approval. - If task is not appropriate re-assign task to person or Brent if you can’t think of anyone else.
  • We are trying to make this document as comprehensive as possible. Your feedback is important; please email brent@wagento.com with input.

Updating Your Ticket

  • To reference a ticket from a commit (and link it back from the ticket), simply add the following in your commit message:
  • [touch: ticketnumber]
  • For example:
  • [touch: 10]

Changing the Status

Updating a ticket status from a ticket is a very simple operation, all you need to do is reference the number of the ticket you wish to update, and the name of status you want to update it to in the following format

  • [statusname: ticketnumber]
    For example:
  • You can update multiple tickets at once by separating ticket numbers with a comma, for example:
    [AWAITING APPROVAL: 10,11,12]

Adding Time

For more information see http://support.codebasehq.com/kb/howtos/linking-commits-with-tickets

To add time to a ticket add the following to your commit message, after referencing a ticket:


Where 60 is the amount of time added to your ticket. Note that this only works when referencing a single ticket.