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Wagento Announces Launch of the Adobe Center of Excellence

Brent Peterson octubre 14, 2021

Wagento recently launched its new website, part of which will includes the Adobe Center of Excellence (ACoE). This site is an exciting hub of resources, channels, and the latest tools available for all developers. All clients will have access to the most recent updates, certifications, and more to keep their Adobe Commerce stores in top shape.

Guiding Principles

Wagento is building the site according to their own values and Adobe’s overarching goals. As a forward-thinking brand, Wagento emphasizes the purpose and ultimate vision they have for site users in these guiding principles:

  • The ACoE structure is designed to evolve. Flexibility and adaptability are core necessities for all modern sites today. The ACoE will always be changing along with Adobe’s new technologies and customers’ most relevant needs.
  • Change should be embraced and intelligently managed. Organizational changes are necessary, but they don’t necessarily have to be stressful or complex. Intentional, targeted changes can make a profound difference with the proper management.
  • Company culture is embedded in every project. Wagento believes that the values upheld by a company should be reflected and built into everything that company does. 
  • Operating model decisions will help managers find the right people for the right positions. A systematic approach to hiring and promoting people can help businesses create strong, dynamic teams that reach and exceed business goals and outcomes.

What the ACoE Will Offer

As the eCommerce industry becomes more crowded with sellers and more popular amongst customers, stores need to hone in on creating excellent customer experiences and investing in the latest technologies. To develop successful and sustainable businesses, understanding the customers’ needs and finding the perfect technology partners go hand-in-hand.

The ACoE will be a place where merchants and developers can explore different solutions and learn more about Adobe partners. The goal is to make it a place of connection and innovation, connecting unique businesses with the right developers who can take their stores to the next level. Just a few solutions will include:

  • Website development
  • Customization
  • Speed optimization
  • Site migrations and updates
  • Theme development
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Technical support

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