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Security Icon for Increased Sales

Brent Peterson noviembre 20, 2019

Security Icon for Increased Sales

Despite the prevalence and popularity of mobile devices, most people continue to express concerns about the security of their phones and tablets. According to a survey conducted by Gemalto, approximately 90% of consumers report feeling unsure about how secure their mobile devices really are. To address these common worries, some merchants launched an experiment to see if a simple adjustment to their CTA buttons could instill more confidence in mobile shoppers.


Worries about personal privacy and data certainly aren’t unfounded. In 2018 alone, data breaches affected several major enterprises, including Google, Quora, Facebook, and T-Mobile. These lapses in security caused millions of people to think twice about buying products online, especially from online stores. Customers must feel that their information will be kept confidential and secure before they enter any of their financial or personal details during checkout.

Retailers hypothesized that simply adding a security icon to the checkout button might help put customers at ease and prove that the site has strict security measures in place.

Test Results

After changing the icon on their CTA buttons, merchants saw an increase in RPV for cell phone and tablet users. The Security Icon also boosted the AOV (Average Order Value) for both devices, with tablet sales increasing by an average of 1.85%. However, adding the icon caused a marginal dip in desktop sales for select retailers. Further experimentation is necessary to figure out the ideal placement of the icon for mobile and desktop sites.

Tips for Retailers

Merchants are advised to try adding a Security Icon to their own mobile sites due to the overwhelmingly positive results that other sellers have experienced. It can also be helpful to monitor how the replaced icon impacts both your mobile and desktop sales. You might have to experiment with the placement of the icon according to your site’s unique layout and design before you find the optimal location.

If you’re interested in more of the latest experiments, you can check out the Mobile Commerce Optimization Initiative to gain access to live test results, valuable insights, and helpful advice from other retailers around the world.

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