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From eCommerce to Online Courses: Online Business Ideas for Solopreneurs in 2021

Jolene Rutherford mayo 25, 2021

In a digital day and age, there’s not much stopping us from launching our own companies in the online world. Unless you choose an entrepreneurial path that requires a lot of investment capital, you can start an online business quickly without breaking the bank. That said, even if do require a sizable investment to kick-start your online business, you can always get a business loan.

The reality is, though, that you can start a company on the cheap nowadays, whether you’re looking to enter the eCommerce industry or if you want to sell a service. The possibilities are numerous in the online world, you just need to find a lucrative opportunity that you’re preferably passionate about. So, let’s take a look at some of the top online business ideas for all you aspiring solopreneurs in 2021. 

Start a service-based business

The first and most obvious idea that might come to you when you’re looking at online business opportunities is to start selling your skills and knowledge. The demand for specialized online services in various marketing, sales, support, and education sectors keeps on growing year after year, which is your opportunity to launch your very own company and cut out the middleman.

Depending on your background and experience, you can work with customers or other businesses. Becoming an online teacher, providing training and education in the corporate environment, becoming a strategic consultant, a motivator, or even a blogger or a graphic designer – there is no shortage of opportunities in the online service sector.

Sell products online and around the world

The eCommerce sector is one of most rapidly expanding industries in the world. Solopreneurs in particular should look to invest in building their own eCommerce business in order to capitalize on a growing market. The industry has a relatively low barrier of entry if you know what you’re selling, how you’re going to sell it, and if you have a robust eCommerce platform to build your website on.

Selling products online is a great way to start earning almost immediately, but that doesn’t mean that success is a guarantee. It’s important that you conduct diligent research and preparation, find the right eCommerce niche, and develop a unique brand identity in order to immediately stand out to customers. Keep in mind that the eCommerce industry is among the most competitive sectors in the world, so you need to launch a business in an unsaturated niche where you can capture the attention of your target demographic. 

Facilitate certification with online courses

In the new normal, people are spending most of their time indoors, unhappy about the fact that their lives have been put on hold. Many are looking to get their careers moving again, but they’re unsure how to upskill and get the certifications they need to push their professional lives forward during lockdown. That’s where you come in.

Building an online platform where you provide training courses and certifications is one of the best ways to impact people’s lives right now. The medical industry is the perfect example, where people are able to get ACLS training and certification online to become indispensable to healthcare employers and find a high-paying job quickly. No matter the industry you decide to service this way, you can invest in building your own licensed online platform where people can pay for online training and certification to achieve more in their fields without having to leave the house.

Build a digital business

A company that only deals in digital services in always one of the safest choices for solopreneurs, and the investment needed to kick-start such a business is typically next to nothing. After all, how much money do you really need to start your own blogging website or an online graphic design studio? 

On the other hand, taking the leap and creating your own agency will allow you to work directly with clients and customers to finally start building true financial independence for you and your family. What you need to invest in is a strong brand and a compelling mission statement to capture the attention of potential clients and earn their long-term trust and respect.

Start an affiliate marketing company

Lastly, consider launching a website that’s completely geared towards affiliate marketing and sales. Advocating for various brands and their products on your site through blogs and other content is a great way to start earning big without investing too much of your time or money. To launch this type of business, you not only need a great website, you also need to find and partner up with the right brands that speak to your target demographic and whose affiliate programs have a high ROI potential.

Wrapping up

The online world is filled to the brim with lucrative opportunities for aspiring solopreneurs. Consider launching one of these online businesses to build financial freedom and a thriving online brand.

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