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Dynamic Email Is Here!

Brent Peterson julio 11, 2019

Dynamic Email Is Here!

For a number of years, email has generally stayed the same. Inboxes and email functions haven’t evolved at the same rate as other technologies, and there haven’t been any revolutionary ideas to improve the system… until now.

Gmail is finally launching a new initiative to change the way we use our emails. Gmail has recently released an exciting “dynamic email” function on their platform that will allow users to complete more tasks across multiple channels without having to go to another page, log in to a different profile, or visit another website.

How Does Dynamic Email Work?

Usually, when you receive an email to view a task, you’re required to click on a link to complete the action. Email inboxes can quickly become cluttered with static messages, and each email eventually goes out of date.

With dynamic email, the latest information is shown immediately, and users can take direct actions within Gmail. For instance, people can save ideas to their Pinterest boards, navigate sites like Booking.com, and fill out questionnaires without having to open a new tab. Users will also get updates if someone edits a Google Doc or mentions them in a comment, and they can respond to the comment from within the message.

Dynamic email can transform a notoriously time-consuming task into a far more efficient form of communication, according to G Suite users who are already testing out the beta version. If you want to enable dynamic email for your organization, here’s how you can get started:

How to Enable Dynamic Email

The G-Suite Team states that “Dynamic email in Gmail Beta is available as an opt-in to all G Suite customers.” If you’re an Admin, you can choose to set up dynamic email for all users in your organization:

  • Log in to the Admin console.
  • Click on Apps, and then navigate to G Suite.
  • Select Settings for Gmail, and click on User Settings.
  • Here, toggle the option to enable dynamic email.
  • As soon as these actions are taken, all users can start seeing dynamic emails from other businesses that use AMP for Email.

Even if you aren’t a G Suite user, you’ll still get to reap the benefits of dynamic email soon. On July 2, 2019, dynamic email will become a default feature, available across all Gmail domains. Although dynamic email only works when a user is logged into Gmail on their desktop or laptop, a mobile version is also rumored to come out soon.

In any case, Gmail users can expect to see a more interactive and efficient email system coming their way in no time!

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