B2B eCommerce ERP Integration: How Your Business Will Benefit

When shopping online, customers expect a seamless, streamlined experience that makes the purchasing experience as painless as possible. B2B companies, in particular, need some way to sell their products efficiently…

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average order value

How to Multiply Your Average Order Value (AOV)

Your store’s average order value (AOV) represents how much the average customer spends per order. Increasing AOV is a way for businesses to boost profits without raising marketing and customer…

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ecommerce cash flow

6 Tips for Improving eCommerce Cash Flow

Succeeding in the eCommerce landscape isn’t just about attracting customers and shipping orders. You also need to make sure you’re managing your finances and cash flow correctly behind the scenes. …

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holiday sales

Top 3 Lessons from 2021 Holiday Sales to Remember in 2022

Taking the time to review your Black Friday and Christmas sales can give you key insights about how to prepare for the next holiday season. This guide will outline three…

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customer engagement

5 Customer Engagement Strategies Designed for Success

Customers are much more active and demanding than ever before. Knowing and understanding them is vital for every business. And this is where customer engagement comes to the rescue.   Let’s…

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cart abandonment

5 Actionable Tactics for Reducing Cart Abandonment

The growth rate of eCommerce in 2020 was an astonishing 25.4%. Over 2 billion people had purchased goods or services online and spent more than $4.2 trillion. And the expectation…

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