customer journey

Improve Customer Journey for Better Conversions

Improving the customer journey helps businesses have better conversions and ultimately boost sales. Unfortunately, most businesses focus too much on their products and services that they forget about delivering a…

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product descriptions

The Importance of Product Description on eCommerce Conversions

You should already be aware that eCommerce product definition is extremely necessary to improve your sales. It is, however, a mistake to think that they can just mention the product’s…

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Why Visualizing Your Process is Essential for Your Customers

Taking complex data and turning it into visual assets allows you to refine your business processes including customer service, mapping the buyer’s journey and keeping your employees engaged and happy.  …

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Is it Worth Pivoting to ReCommerce?

ReCommerce refers to the selling of second hand products online. While a lot of reCommerce still occurs on Peer to Peer marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace, DePop and Ebay, there…

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Does Your Web Design Best Represent Your Business Goals

Does Your Web Design Best Represent Your Business Goals?

No matter what kind of niche your business is in, your website will play many important roles. It’s the hub of your online marketing strategy and a powerful branding opportunity….

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Wagento to Attend retailX 2021

Wagento to Attend retailX 2021!

The highly-anticipated retailX conference will be in full swing once again in August 2021! This 2-day event will pack dozens of keynote speakers, hundreds of exhibitors, and thousands of eCommerce…

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