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BigCommerce Upgrades B2B Edition

Soumi Biswas mayo 10, 2023

BigCommerce has recently announced the latest enhancements to B2B Edition, which include Multi-Storefront compatibility, a new “Buyer Portal”, and kicking off the beta phase for B2B Edition’s Headless compatibility. These new features are designed to help merchants streamline customer experience, reach new markets and customers, and reduce operational costs. Read on to learn more about these exciting new updates! 

What’s included in B2B Edition’s new enhancements? 

What’s included in B2B Edition’s new enhancements

BigCommerce’s latest release of B2B Edition has introduced a suite of next-level features. The features include multi-storefront compatibility, a modernized B2B buyer portal, and headless support, all integrated to bring together modernized B2B features into one comprehensive solution.   

With these powerful features, B2B businesses can elevate their online selling experience, encourage repeat business, and build brand loyalty.  Let’s dive into the details: 

Multi-Storefront Compatibility 

As a B2B business owner, managing multiple storefronts can be complex and costly. However, with B2B Edition’s Multi-Storefront Compatibility, you can easily launch and manage multiple storefronts. Plus, this feature allows you to expand your B2B business and build bespoke customer experiences by segment, region, or vertical, all managed within a single system. 

Buyer Portal 

With a modernized buyer portal, it is easy to automate administrative processes and streamline the relationship between buyers and merchants. With this, managing orders, quotes, and workflows becomes more efficient, reducing operational burdens and boosting customer loyalty and conversion.  

Merchants can now activate B2B Edition using any Stencil storefront theme, not just the six pre-installed options. 

By using the B2B Edition features on multiple storefronts, merchants can customize customer experiences by segment, region, or vertical, targeting different customer segments and expanding their B2B business, all while managing everything within a single system. This enhanced flexibility provides a significant advantage for businesses looking to grow and expand their online presence. 

Headless Support for the Buyer Portal (Beta) 

This latest BigCommerce B2B enhancement allows the creation and building of agile storefronts with B2B Edition’s Headless Support (Beta).  With this feature, merchants can now seamlessly integrate B2B functionality, such as quotes, invoices, and approval workflows, into any headless framework of choice. Developers can also personalize customer experiences using the Buyer Portal JavaScript API for a headless implementation

Key Benefits of the Latest Release of B2B Edition

Key Benefits of the Latest Release of B2B Edition

The latest enhancements made to the BigCommerce B2B Edition are here to help businesses grow and scale faster by equipping them with the highest caliber of enterprise-grade B2B capabilities. With custom purchasing experiences, frictionless purchases, and easy reordering, this platform makes eCommerce a breeze for your business.   

Customized Purchasing Experiences 

One of the key benefits of the latest release of B2B Edition is the ability to provide customized purchasing experiences. B2B businesses can curate tailored purchasing experiences based on a buyer’s specific region, industry vertical, and needs.   

This feature delivers a personalized B2C shopping experience to meet buyer expectations, which can lead to increased conversions and improved custom 

Frictionless Purchases 

The second significant benefit is frictionless purchases. B2B businesses can enable a frictionless purchase experience with preset prices and shopping lists that buyers can configure, price, and quote (CPQ). This feature saves time and ultimately influences more conversions.   

Easy Reordering 

Easy reordering is also a significant benefit of the B2B Edition enhancement. B2B businesses can create specific access points, such as by company or user, to view past company orders, quotes, and lists in one place.   

The Quick Order Pad feature enables buyers to upload orders in bulk, making it easier for them to reorder, duplicate past orders, or create new purchases based on past orders. 

Seamless Storefront Integrations 

Seamless storefront integrations are also available, making it easy to integrate into any BigCommerce Stencil storefront or any headless platform connected to BigCommerce, such as CMS platforms. The buyer portal API enables businesses to further personalize buyer purchasing experiences.   

Mobile Optimized Buying Experiences 

Lastly, mobile-optimized buying experiences are included in the latest release of B2B Edition. B2B businesses can speed up purchases with a mobile-friendly buyer portal for the digitally native buyer working from home or on the go.   

This feature includes handheld, smartphone, or self-service transactions that have the potential to accelerate time-to-purchase and ease the buyer journey.  

In conclusion, take advantage of these powerful and next-level features to improve your game in the B2B space. 

Case Studies 

Case Studies 

Want to see these B2B Edition enhancements in action? Check out these case studies from companies that have migrated from other platforms to BigCommerce B2B Edition: 

Tygris — Migrated from Offline 

The family-run business, TYGRIS, is an established and trusted provider of essential cleaning, lubrication, and protection solutions. In 2019, Jed Simpson had the objective of growing the company’s revenue. Despite the pandemic’s challenges, TYGRIS was able to adapt and leverage the advantages of its eCommerce website. With the help of BigCommerce B2B Edition, TYGRIS was able to integrate their existing systems with a solution that provided scalability, flexibility, and openness, allowing them to grow their business and make changes when needed. 

United Aqua Group — Migrated from NuORDER 

The United Aqua Group faced issues with the consumer-like experience while using the NuORDER platform. Therefore, the organization sought a platform that would provide B2B functionality and a good B2C experience as well.  

The BigCommerce platform was preferred due to its visual appeal, customization options, ERP integration, quick loading, improved search, multi-views and shipping addresses, product ratings, image management, and Google-friendly features. The organization found that the BigCommerce platform provided everything that they needed. 

Farmer Boy AG — Migrated from a custom .NET solution 

Farmer Boy faced limitations with their previous eCommerce platform, including difficulty making changes and a lack of B2B functionality. They decided to re-platform on BigCommerce, which allowed them to take control of their brand and website and provide a better online experience for their customers.  

BigCommerce’s B2B Edition enabled Farmer Boy to establish buyer tiers, integrate Re:Amaze and B2B Ninja, increasing sales and automating quotes. Since launching on BigCommerce, Farmer Boy has reported growth in sales, AOV, customer reach, and more. 

US Cutter — Migrated from COREsense 

US Cutter adopted BigCommerce for flexible B2B capabilities, seamless integration, and B2C-like experiences for diverse audiences.

The company worked with an agency to integrate BigCommerce’s native platform functionality to enhance the overall buying experience. US Cutter’s use of apps like Click and Collect, Easy Upsell, and Searchspring have helped optimize and leverage data to increase revenue. 

Professional Help  

Professional Help 

If you need any help with integrating the B2B Edition into your BigCommerce store, feel free to contact the experts at Wagento. Our team of experts is always ready to help you out with every step of the integration process. 

Final Words   

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s crucial to possess a wide range of features and capabilities to suit the distinct needs of B2B companies. BigCommerce B2B Edition provides the tools to optimize operations, increase sales, and enhance the customer experience. It has the features to simplify daily tasks, boost revenue and improve customer satisfaction.  To leverage the benefits of this edition, connect with our developers today!  

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