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Adobe Announces Adobe Experience Cloud Innovations at Summit

Brent Peterson abril 28, 2021

Adobe Announces Adobe Experience Cloud Innovations at Summit

Update from Adobe

At Summit, Adobe introduced innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud, unveiling new enterprise applications with Adobe Journey Optimizer and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, its next-generation Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP), it’s industry-leading Marketing System of Record through the integration of Workfront, and new Adobe Experience Platform capabilities to deliver real-time personalization at scale. Additionally, Adobe announced new content and intelligent commerce capabilities including a strategic partnership with FedEx.

Following is a summary, with links to press releases or blog posts, of many of these top news items. Be sure to return to the portal in the coming weeks and months as we roll out enablement and additional resources pertaining to these announcements.

New Adobe Application: Adobe Journey Optimizer

Built on the Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Journey Optimizer is the industry’s only enterprise application designed to help marketers optimize the customer journey across any outbound or inbound customer touchpoint. 

SPP and Exchange members can register for a post-Summit webinar on Adobe Journey Optimizer, scheduled for May 4th

Industry’s First CDP Architected for First-Party Data

Adobe’s next-generation Real-time Customer Data Platform is the only enterprise application architected from the ground up for first-party, data-driven customer acquisition and engagement. It serves as a centralized hub for first-party data, provides real-time, machine-learning-powered personalization at scale, and offers a new Segment Match capability that lets brands collaborate to expand their own first-party data sets through partnerships. New Look-alike Segments allow brands to identify additional customers who share similar attributes to their best-known customers. 

Plus, the B2B edition of Adobe Real-time CDP allows customers to bring together both individual and account profiles for complete intelligence and activation to help B2B companies think and act like B2C brands. 

New Adobe Application: Customer Journey Analytics

The industry’s first enterprise application that allows brands to integrate and standardize their online and offline customer data, enabling anyone – not just data scientists – to connect that data, easily visualize it in a unified view, and better understand the entire journey to better inform marketing strategies. Customer Journey Analytics is extending the types of insights brands have access to by introducing new AI capabilities and features that enable brands to visualize the customer journey in full context across multiple touch points. 

Updated Branding: Magento Commerce is now Adobe Commerce

Adobe is officially consolidating the branding of the licensed commerce product from Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud to the single brand of Adobe Commerce. The corporate Magento brand is also retired; all corporate references should be Adobe. Please see the updated branding guidelines* on the portal.

Adobe Commerce Capabilities

To help companies drive business growth, new Product Recommendations, powered by Adobe Sensei, unlock new ways for customers to discover products. New Live Search delivers fast and hyper-relevant results and search experiences on a merchant’s site. Plus, integration between Adobe Commerce and Adobe Sign will roll out globally in the second half of this year enabling merchants to easily deploy digital signing processes as part of the customer journey. 

Adobe also announced a new strategic partnership with FedEx that will enable Adobe Commerce merchants to integrate their storefronts with FedEx ShopRunner, allowing them to offer customer benefits such as free two-day shipping, one-click checkout, seamless returns, and the ability to take advantage of FedEx’s logistics intelligence to optimize their shipping spend. 

Adobe Experience Platform Customer Momentum

The Adobe Experience Platform and ecosystem power thousands of brands globally and deliver real-time personalization at scale across more than 17 trillion segment evaluations every day across applications and services. 

New Marketing System of Record

Adobe previewed its new Marketing System of Record, which will be the single source of truth for connecting and managing work across the entire marketing lifecycle, from strategy and planning to execution and measurement. 

Adobe Experience Manager Innovations

New innovations include Headless Content Management System capabilities, which deliver immersive content as data over APIs and bring advanced AI to content automation. The newly launched Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials will become the default asset management capability in all Adobe Experience Cloud applications and be fully configurable to ensure access to the best content.  

Adobe Powers Digital Healthcare Innovation

Adobe is now powering digital experiences for seven of the top 10 healthcare providers, eight of the top 10 healthcare payers, and nine of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies—delivering experiences with agility and at scale. 

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