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5 Things to Look for in an Adobe Commerce Partner

Brent Peterson abril 14, 2022

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If you’ve decided to use the Adobe Commerce platform for your eCommerce business, you’re already off to a great start! After acquiring Magento Commerce in 2018, Adobe and Magento combined the best aspects of both of their technologies to create a leading platform for businesses and enterprises around the world. 

On its own, Adobe Commerce offers all kinds of unique functionalities and helpful tools to help companies work more efficiently and give customers better shopping experiences. However, if you want to further customize and enhance your online store, you should consider working with an Adobe Commerce partner. 

What is an Adobe Commerce partner? 

Adobe Commerce partners can include both Solution Partners and Exchange Partners at a variety of levels. Although each type of partner involves different business aspects, the overall goal of the partner program is to create innovative tools, extensions, and customizations for all Adobe Commerce users. 

Solution Partners can include analysts, agencies, system integrators and data providers. There are 5 levels to choose from, depending on the partner’s budget and business needs:  

  • Community 
  • Bronze 
  • Silver 
  • Gold 
  • Platinum 

On the other hand, Adobe Commerce Exchange Partners are generally more focused on technology, such as software and data vendors. Based on the partner’s level of experience and their commitment to Adobe, there are 3 types of exchange partnerships to choose from: 

  • Innovate Partners 
  • Accelerate Partners 
  • Premier Partners 

What to look for when choosing a partner 

Whether you’re looking for a specialized integration or a great agency to partner with, there are some important things to consider before you make up your mind. Here are 5 things you should always look for in an Adobe Commerce partner: 

1. Certified in Adobe Commerce 

If you want your business to reach its best potential, it’s vital to find partners who employ certified developers. Adobe Commerce-certified partners have been trained in Adobe Commerce, passed exams to prove their knowledge, and are vetted to ensure that their codes meet specific performance metrics. Consistently meeting these metrics is required for the developer to maintain their status as “certified.”  

Additionally, certified developers are given priority if they experience any issues with their work. Agencies that aren’t certified in Adobe Commerce won’t be able to fix support or maintenance problems as efficiently compared to certified partners. 

2. Clear long-term goals 

When you’re choosing a partner, you want to consider your short-term and long-term business goals. Instead of selecting a partner that will only help for a few months, try to find a partner that can grow and collaborate with your business over the next few years. 

Your partner should be a good fit for your company culture as well. If you’re all about the latest innovations and integrations, you should look for a partner who is as forward-thinking as you are. The last thing you want is to be held back by a hesitant partner when you’d prefer to adopt the newest technologies as soon as possible. 

3. Verified success stories 

The best way to get to know anyone (including your Adobe Commerce partner) is by asking the right questions. Along with the standard information about the partner’s history, the types of services they offer, and their organizational mission, be sure to ask for some real data to back up their claims. Ask if they have case studies or a portfolio to look through, and then ask about any site improvement metrics they have, such as: 

  • Sales numbers 
  • Organic search results 
  • Landing page bounce rates 
  • Click-through rates 
  • Conversion rates 

Once you can verify that the partner has a positive track record, then you can ask more specific questions to get a better understanding of their priorities, work culture, and company values. Here are a couple good questions you might want to ask: 

  • What’s the standard timeline for an Adobe Commerce website build? 
  • How often do you perform quality assurance tests? 
  • Do you have any experience with Adobe Commerce database maintenance? 
  • Have you performed similar services before? 
  • Do you have any references we can connect with?  

4. Transparency and responsiveness 

If you’re looking for an Adobe Commerce partner, it’s safe to assume you need someone with more expertise and experience with the platform than you. However, a great partner should be willing to explain their work process, how it will impact on your store, and what their best recommendations are, all in transparent and honest terms.  

Not all Adobe Commerce partners are built equally. Some will strive to respond quickly with the best solutions and options for your business, whereas others might try to use a “one size fits all” approach that doesn’t truly work for your company’s needs. To find the right partner for you, look for agencies that have done similar work, have positive reviews from customers, and are quick to answer any questions you may have. 

5. Flexibility and reliability 

The online marketplace is constantly changing, and it pays to partner with someone who’s not only prepared to keep up, but is excited about upcoming changes! Innovative partners should be able to quickly regroup and create new strategies when they encounter obstacles, and they should be interested in finding the best possible solutions for their clients.  

Next steps 

Finding an Adobe Commerce partner can seem daunting at first, but once you fully understand what your business needs to succeed, you can browse through several partners on the Magento Marketplace. If you have more questions and want to connect with an experienced partner, Wagento is a Gold Solution Partner, offering eCommerce development, SEO, marketing, web design, and website maintenance services. Contact an expert developer today to get started on your project! 

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