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Providing Extensive Care

We're capable of almost anything you put our minds to.

 Wagento is home to a broad range of skills and talents. Though we are based in Minneapolis, we have additional offices in Mexico, South America, and Asia so we can work around the clock and deliver fantastic results to our clients in a timely manner. We also have 30+ Magento Certified employees, ranging from solution specialists to developers.

servicesMagentoMagento Ecommerce

Our primary focus has and continues to be on Magento Ecommerce. With years of collective experience on the platform, we are prepared to provide you with all the necessary services to get and keep your Magento site up and running.

Service Highlights: Magento Customizations, API Development, Magento Configuration, Magento Application Development, Magento System Integrations

  • Magento Training & Support

    We recognize all clients have different levels of experience when it comes using Magento. It is for that reason that we offer customized training and support, tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Magento can be a complex and overwhelming tool for those that are unfamiliar with it. Our certified staff can help you learn and understand how to best leverage the full potential that is available in Magento. We can train and support your staff in how best to use Magento for your business needs.

  • Magento Application & System Integrations

    Magento offers a multitude of flexibility in terms of integrating with other systems. This includes everything from ERPs and CRMs to Accounting and Wordpress sites and legacy systems. Wagento has years of experience building these integrations, understands the challenges involved, and can help build reliable integrations that will help businesses grow for years to come.

  • Magento Upgrades & Migrations

    Upgrading your Magento site can be very complex depending on the versions and modules involved, any custom features that have been developed, and any integrations that may exist. When it comes to upgrades, Wagento has experience with hundreds of websites. In fact, one of our very own wrote the Wiki on Magento Upgrades.

    NOTICE: As of June 2020, Magento 1 will no longer be supported. Learn how to update to Magento 2 with us.

  • Bulk Product Import/Export

    The taxonomy of your data can be complicated and getting that data onto your website can be time consuming. Wagento will work with your staff to train you on the most efficient ways to push data live on your website or even update content. All this can be done in bulk.

  • Performance Tuning

    We have 10 years of Magento experience and server optimization to push your website to the next level. We work closely with edge caching partners to bring quick content loading to your location. This means wherever you are in the world, your site will load quickly in that region.

  • Custom Extensions

    Wagento builds custom extensions for companies like Zendesk and Paypal. Let Wagento build your next Magento 2 integration



We have an internal design team that will ensure your site not only uses the best eCommerce practices but also incorporates UI/UX factors. We will employ both standard, best practice eCommerce practices but also cutting-edge features that will make your site shine.

Service Highlights: Magento Theme Development, Custom Design, Responsive Development, Logo Design & Branding

  • services10

    Website Design

    Just because we're a development firm doesn't mean we give design the back seat. From tweaking an existing theme to building something custom from the ground up, we'll use our expertise sure your site has a beautiful, responsive design that adheres to the latest UX and UI principles.

  • Brand Design & Integration

    We know there's more to a company's "brand" than the logo. Whether you have an established identity or you need one designed, our team will work with you to make sure your site reflects the vision you have for your company. the custom color schemes, typography, and imagery that makes up your company.

  • services15

    Design Strategies

    Building and implementing designs is a complex process for any business. Wagento’s team of experienced professionals will work with you to develop a plan that details the strategy behind how to best communicate your services, strengths, values, and identity to your audience.

  • Ongoing Optimization

    Wagento will continue to work with you after you have launched your website. We will help to find new optimizations to your UX/UI and to your page speed.


servicesMagento2Marketing Services

Wagento both offers Marketing Services and partners with marketing agencies to deliver a variety of services to help clients grow their online stores.

Service Highlights: Magento SEO Optimization, PPC, Email Marketing, Affiliate Programs

  • services13

    Conversion Optimization

    Wagento can work closely with your product team to develop campaigns that convert to sales.

  • services16

    Social Media Management

    Social Media is fast and always changing. Our staff is on top of the latest social media platforms and we have our ear to the ground to hear what is working best and for whom.

  • services18

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Magento out of the box allows for great SEO, but if you need that extra boost we can help. We have proven methods to move you to the top of the first page.

  • services19

    Affiliate Marketing

    Wagento works with a number of affiliate marketing extensions for Magento and can help and advice you on how to best use these. Whether it is an extension or a third party integration for affiliates, we can help.

  • services20

    Promotional Offers

    Magento makes it easy to create promotional offers. Wagento can help you to craft and offer and present it to a client. We can also help with complicated rules and custom offers.

  • services21

    Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

    There is a myth that just paying for traffic will get you new business. While it's true that you can get traffic, it is more important that the traffic converts to sales. Wagento can help you to build out your PPC campaign and convert that traffic to sales.

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    Email Campaigns

    Email is still an important tool. Wagento works with ESP's to help your company craft a well thought out email campaign that will resonate with your clients. This would include social media as well and standard email to bring your brand to life!