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You'll have peace of mind not worrying about your Magento updates* and Security patches for an entire year


Still on Magento 1? No worries!
Wagento is here to continue serving M1 clients after end-of-life
as well as clients on Magento 2!


*Some restrictions apply. Includes one major release. Price is based on the complexity of your Magento store.

Does not include new code creation for third party modules, theme updates, data update or any other custom code that requires a developer to generate new code. Includes only one store view by default.


Includes the Following Benefits

  • Magento Security Updates
  • Magento Bug Fixes
  • New Features
  • Third Party Updates
  • No Surprises
  • Automatic (Like a SaaS Platform!)
  • Integrations
  • Magento Security Scanner
  • Redundant Module Check
  • Environment Audit Readiness


Standard Process

    As the store owner you are responsible for keeping your code update today and make sure all fixes are in place.  You can't go on vacation or take a day off!
  • Get Estimates
    Unless you give your developer a blank check you will need to get an estimate with each major and minor release for the time and cost budget of each update. Will that throw off your budget for the whole year or will you need to cut back on something new you wanted to try?
  • Need to be alerted
    You will have to remember when an update comes out and stay up with all the latest things happening with Magento including important security patches. 
  • Find someone to do it
    If you don't have a regular developer, when new features or security patch are released, you will have to find someone to update it. If your Magento 2 store is properly deployed you will not be able to do this yourself.

Wagento No-Hassle

  • Automatic (Like a SaaS Platform!)
    We give you the best of both worlds, the ability to have custom code with the convenience of not worrying about the underlying updates.  No-Hassle updates makes your Magento store into a virtual SaaS store without the restrictions. 
  • Fixed price
    You can set your budget at the beginning of the year and never have to worry about software updates that will create gaps in your budget. One monthly price leaving you the freedom and flexibility to focus on the new features that make your Magento store truly unique. No surprises!
  • You only need to approve the release
    Our complete end-to-end testing process will give you the peace of mind to know that your site is updated and you still have the final say on when it goes live.  We work on your timeline and your approval process. We can go live with all updates or let you decide. It's that flexible and easy.
  • Never worry
    Never worry again when you are on vacation, your site is always up to date and bug free. The enhanced security features of No-Hassle updates will ensure that your site has all the latest from Magento when it is available. 

Other services available with plan

  • Maintenance


  • New Builds




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    API Integrations

    Integraciones Con API

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