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Customer Service Comes First!

Brent Peterson | November 6, 2018 I


After creating a great product and launching your first online store with Magento, your e-commerce company should have all of the tools it needs to be successful. While there’s nothing wrong with focusing on your brand and site optimization, you simply can’t rely on the quality of your product alone to drive sales. The special something that many businesses often lack is customer service, and there are a host of ways in which it can be helpful for the merchant as well as the client.

The Customer-First Mentality

In order to shift your business into a customer-first mentality, it is necessary to start thinking of your clients as human beings and not just data points. Of course, you’ll still want to be paying attention to customer statistics, but your actual interaction with customers should feel personal to them.

Dealing with your clients personally takes a lot of work and practice to get right. (Especially in online spaces!) In the end, customer service is type of organic marketing strategy — and organic methods are always hands-on. In this type of marketing, its better to focus on smaller groups of loyal customers rather than trying to appeal to the masses. It may be slow progress at first, but this method will allow you to steadily build up and retain a solid consumer base.

How It Affects Your Business

Although great customer service has been common business practice for a while, many companies don’t realize the extent of its benefits. Customer service operates on the principle that people react more severely to negative experiences than positive ones. This means that, on average, a customer who has a bad experience is more likely to report it to their peers or in reviews. However, someone who has a moderately good experience may not say anything at all. This is why bad press is so notoriously difficult for businesses to shake off.

One of the best products of great customer service is that you learn more about what your customers like and improve your business accordingly. An incredibly common way for businesses to fail is not listening to core customers. If you’ve ever seen a TV show where an expert helps out a failing hotel or restaurant, the owners’ inability to respond well to criticism is a recurring theme. The key is to not be disheartened by negative feedback. Instead, understanding and acting on it will ensure that your company never makes the same mistake twice.

Implementing Better Customer Service

The first step in practicing better customer service is to incorporate it into employee training. Your new recruits will need to understand the importance of positive customer interactions just as much as you do. Helping them realize that the company’s success depends on their ability to satisfy customers will ensure that they work hard to understand the customer’s needs.

Speaking of understanding the customer, great listening skills are an essential part of improving their experience. One of the most common points of client concern is when they feel like they aren’t being heard. To avoid the frustration that comes with this, make sure to listen closely to the customer’s feedback. Letting them know that you’re hearing their concerns and in some cases offering them compensation are small details that go a long way. In addition, listening will allow you to better understand how to best improve your business in the future.

The most important part of customer service is being open to change. No matter how successful your business or product might be at first, there will always be room for improvement. Accidents are also prone to happen and it impossible to completely prevent someone from getting bad service. The good news is that many customers will forgive you as long as you react in the right way. In fact, a timely and appropriate response to a customer issue can keep them coming back for even more business. Being adaptable will only serve to better your company in the future.

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