How to get Social Media Marketing Right for eCommerce Websites

Social media and marketing  If done right, social media marketing can be a force to reckon with when it comes to eCommerce platforms. Doing it right means understanding the basics…

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How to Incorporate Videos on Your Website for Better Engagement

How you incorporate videos on your website can have a big impact on engagement. Context, thumbnail choice and location can encourage visitors to click on video content.   You’ll need to…

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Top PPC Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2022

In an increasingly competitive market, companies want to boost their sales and conversion rates as efficiently as possible. This is where PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising comes into play.  PPC can drive…

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Video Content for eCommerce: Find the Right Type to Boost Conversions

Nowadays, video content is a must when it comes to increasing conversions — especially when it comes to eCommerce. After all, these marketing-optimized videos provide the most reliable way to…

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Branding Strategies for Small Businesses  

Small businesses, like all companies, can benefit from employing certain branding strategies, as doing so provides a competitive advantage over entities with less-defined brands. It’s critical for businesses to understand…

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5 Marketing Mistakes That Every Startup Makes

Startups face numerous challenges during take-off. They end up making marketingmistakes, some of which have led to the death of the most brilliant ideas. Some of the mistakes slow down…

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