technicians vs. engineers

Technicians Vs. Engineers: Key Differences

When you notice technical problems or development issues with your online store, time is of the essence. It’s crucial to find the right professional as soon as possible to avoid…

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New Relic Agent

New Relic Agent Installation for Magento on AWS

Installing a New Relic agent on a server using an advanced continuous deployment tool like Elastic Beanstalk can be a confusing problem to approach. Installation methods found in New Relic…

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programming languages

5 Programming Languages Aspiring Web Developers Should Know

Web developers must understand at least a few programming languages to effectively navigate programs and design frameworks. Learning new skills isn’t easy. Coding is a lot like learning a new…

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Magento indexes

Magento Indexes “by Schedule” is the Way to Go

There are many articles that explain the difference between Magento’s two indexing modes: “on Save” and “by Schedule.” I won’t muddy the water by providing another technical explanation of the…

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Google Analytics

France Rules That Google Analytics Doesn’t Comply With GDPR

Recently, an independent whistleblower in France found that the use of Google Analytics is non-compliant with the GDPR, forcing retailers to stop using the popular service for the time being….

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Will Firefox and Chrome Version 100 Break Your Website?

This year, three major web browsers — Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge — are expected to reach version 100. As the day for this exciting milestone draws closer, however, lots of web developers and online business owners are concerned that the 3-digit number will cause some websites to malfunction or “break.”

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