Magento 2 extensions

5 Magento 2 Extensions for Online Store Administration

Web administration is a hectic and time-consuming task that can get very messy at times. From orders to tickets and from queries to complaints, there is always a lot to…

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illustration vs. photography

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

If you’ve been managing an eCommerce store for a while, you’ve probably heard about the conversion rate metric. This measurement is calculated by dividing the total number of customer actions…

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What Is Composable Commerce & Why Does It Matter?

In recent years, retailers have been abandoning the traditional monolithic eCommerce model for faster and more flexible headless commerce solutions. Going headless means that the front end of a website…

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productive workspace

Cloud Computing: 7 Benefits and Limitations in 2022

The cloud computing concept has gained popularity since its introduction in 2006. The technology trends create an automatic, virtualized, and on-demand platform for delivering IT resources and services. As cloud…

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How Does Augmented Reality Help Make eCommerce More Efficient?

Efficiency is an important business aspect because it helps businesses maximize their outputs from their available resources and thus minimize cost and increase competitiveness. The new trend businesses are using to maximize efficiency is Augmented Reality.  …

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product results

Product Results in Google Search Console for Magento Stores

Image credit: Pexels Not too far back, the Google team sent a nice present to all data analytics lovers. Starting from November 2019, Google Search Console became equipped with a…

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