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Guatemala-based company, Grupo Distelsa, began selling electronics, home appliances, and other goods in 1961, but it remains an industry leader to this day. Currently, Grupo Distelsa operates in several specialized divisions, including technical services, wholesale goods, integrated solutions, and more. 


The business also includes the chains Tiendas y Kioscos MAX and Tiendas TECNO FACIL When Grupo Distelsa needed help upgrading its websites to build a more modern and streamlined customer experience, it turned to Wagento for professional assistance.

Main Goals

First and foremost, Grupo Distelsa needed to update its Magento 1 stores to Magento 2 for its B2C sites. Wagento's responsibility was to help Grupo Distelsa migrate from Magento 1.9 Open Source to Magento 2.4 Commerce Cloud. Part of this migration would also include taking advantage of the new features and capabilities offered in Magento Commerce Cloud (also known as Adobe Commerce) to optimize the customer experience. Another part of this upgrade would require Wagento to completely redesign the websites to give the brand a refreshed, modern look.


To tackle Grupo Distelsa's migration project, Wagento created a general outline consisting of the following steps:

  • Create a detailed plan to upgrade the Tiendas y Kioscos MAX storefront to Magento Commerce B2C Enterprise 2.4.
  • Build, design, and run user experience (UX) testing for the updated Tiendas y Kioscos MAX theme.
  • Develop and implement any necessary custom modules for Grupo Distelsa.
  • Install and test any requested 3rd-party extensions and integrations.
  • Conduct quality assurance tests and verify the performance of Magento Commerce B2C Enterprise 2.4.


The Grupo Distelsa migration is an ongoing project. Tiendas y Kioscos MAX was released with an MVP version, and additional customizations and features are being delivered to the company in phases. Wagento is working diligently to ensure that all new additions to the website work smoothly and function properly with each delivery.

For the Tiendos TECHNO FACIL site, Wagento has started revamping the design and layout of the store. The plan is to use the developments from the Tiendas y Kioscos MAX site on the Tiendos TECHNO FACIL site to maintain a similar look and feel across all Grupo Distelsa stores.


Grupo Distelsa decided to partner with Wagento because of our proven track record with migrating all kinds of websites on the Magento platform. For over a decade, Wagento has provided a full range of services for its clients, from developing customized themes to launching out-of-the-box sites to performing ongoing site maintenance. Grupo Distelsa was confident that Wagento had the right expertise and knowledge to handle the entire process while continuing to offer personalized, one-on-one customer service throughout the project.


The MVP version of Tiendas y Kioscos MAX went live on September 3, 2021. Wagento and Grupo Distelsa agreed that additional features and customizations would be gradually released in phases to avoid delaying the site's release. This would also ensure that all integrations, 3rd-party extensions, and custom modules would work seamlessly with the existing framework, minimizing any disruptions to the website's performance.

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