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Rifles Only needed a new eCommerce platform–fast. With their previous provider going out of business and needing to migrate to a stable and effective platform, they came to us for results. Check out how we helped this client:

About Rifles Only

Rifles Only is a firearms company that specializes in selling firearms, firearm equipment, and firearm training classes. With a physical storefront based in Texas and a digital shop delivering nationwide, Rifles Only sold items through major third-party websites like Amazon and eBay, as well as through their own website: RiflesOnly.com.

The Problems: Building and Synching an eCommerce Platform

When they came to us, the Rifles Only website suffered server lag and crashes, resulting in poor customer support and difficulty selling products, managing forms, and completing transactions. 


“We were attempting to find a team to migrate us to a new site, our old site was slow and inefficient and constantly crashing, which was frustrating,” said Rifles Only Manager Leslie Opsahl.


Rifles Only’s previous eCommerce platform provider was going out of business too, and without the necessary support, the team had difficulty managing their site alone, especially without streamlined bookkeeping operations. Employees often had to spend extra time logging redundant information into multiple platforms. 


Facing the loss of their website, we were given three main criteria to fulfill with our client:


Selling Goods and Services Online


The first necessity was, of course, keeping the site working. As a digital storefront, RiflesOnly.com needed to be accessible to visitors looking to purchase products–and that meant no lag, no server crashing, and a speedy website. We would need to streamline their bookkeeping processes to help keep the site running smoothly. 


In addition to selling firearms and firearm materials, the site also needed to allow users to sign up and pay for firearm training courses directly from the site. To this end, Rifles Only would need appointment booking software and a means to track users who signed up for classes, send confirmation and reminder emails, and allow users to cancel and reschedule appointments.


Working with Third-Party Sellers


Since RiflesOnly was also an Amazon and eBay affiliate seller, they needed to ensure all of their digital sales on platforms other than their leading site were synchronized with the rest of their sales information. 


Transitioning to a New Site, Fast


The final requirement we needed to fulfill was timeliness; without the help of their previous eCommerce provider, RiflesOnly.com faced an imminent shutdown, and the business owners feared their clock was ticking. All aspects of the site needed to be fully functional on its relaunch: the affiliate seller compatibility, ability to schedule appointments, and essential bookkeeping information would all need to be ready to go as soon as possible.

Our Solution

To start, we knew the platform BigCommerce would be perfect for this site. Its ability to effortlessly connect to other major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping made it the perfect platform for Rifles Only’s multifaceted digital storefronts. In addition, the program allows users to build their own store page, which meshed well with our client’s desire to keep their personal site running and available for product sales too. 


In addition to BigCommerce, we implemented some additional applications to help make the bookkeeping and product management processes more efficient. We used ShipStation, Intuit QuickBooks, Codisto, and Elf Sight widgets within the BigCommerce program. 


Of course, this migration process wouldn’t work without communication. We made sure to get in touch with Rifles Only at least once a week to review sprint reports and hold frequent discussions to answer any questions they had.

The Results

After making the switch, the results were nearly instantaneous: with the help of the new platform and Codisto, our client saved at least one hour of work time per day that was previously spent logging information. In addition, the site ran smoother than ever before, and the extra communication “gave [our client] the relief to know if they had a question, it would be answered, or if they wanted to alter something or make a change, it would be seen and applied.”

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