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On November 1, 2021, Rainbow Treecare announced that it would be officially changing its name to Rainbow Ecoscience. As their plant health care (PHC) knowledge and product lines have expanded, updating the brand name was a natural transition for the organization.


Although the brand's values will remain the same, the organization has experienced some growing pains as their market expanded. To improve their website for customers and show off their new brand imagery, Rainbow Ecoscience turned to Wagento for assistance.

About Rainbow Ecoscience

Rainbow Treecare was initially founded in 1976, later becoming Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements (RTSA) in 1997. Its mission was to help tree care professionals learn new skills, provide them with helpful tools, and continue researching the best PHC solutions. For over 40 years, the organization has worked with a wide variety of companies to create and improve their PHC programs, while also providing ongoing education for tree care professionals.

Project Goals

Rainbow Ecoscience had previously worked with Wagento on a major eCommerce project, so the organization called on the Wagento development team again when they realized they were outgrowing their Magento 2 site. Rainbow Ecoscience requested a site migration from Magento 2 to a B2B instance in BigCommerce instead. The migration would have to include moving their entire product catalog and all of the site images, along with redirecting links and managing SEO components.


Although the migration project sounded daunting at first, Wagento developers took the challenge in stride. Even with the updated branding images and pages, no roadblocks were encountered during the project. Rainbow Ecoscience's new BigCommerce website launched on time and under budget without any major issues or obstacles.

Former Project: WordPress to Magento 2

When Rainbow Ecoscience was still Rainbow Treecare, they requested Wagento's assistance to give their website some much-needed modern features. Before reaching out to Wagento, Rainbow Treecare's site had no eCommerce functionality whatsoever. Their product catalog included images and descriptions of each item, but customers had to call or email to actually place orders. It was definitely time for an upgrade.

Project Goals

Rainbow Treecare highlighted a few important features and capabilities they wanted their new eCommerce site to have. Wagento created a project plan that would align with the following goals:

  • Develop a B2B site for new and returning customers
  • Improve B2C user experiences 
  • Use the WordPress website as inspiration for the upgraded store's design 
  • Allow customers to place orders using company credit 
  • Integrate Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains and Magento Commerce to easily keep track of products, orders, customers, state restrictions, and prices
  • Permit customized pricing options 
  • Single-click ordering for returning customers 
  • Enhance marketing campaigns for new and current customers


Wagento helped Rainbow Treecare create an API between Magento 2 and Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, which resulted in a flexible B2B Magento Commerce site. With the Microsoft Dynamics integrations, returning customers experienced personalized shopping journeys and new shoppers could easily navigate the site based on different tree care needs. Furthermore, the state-specific guidelines made sure that customers could only purchase products that weren't restricted in their region.


Rainbow Treecare's first B2B eCommerce website was finally able to offer nationwide service and PHC products to customers throughout the US. The Magento 2 platform was easily able to manage and organize over 200 different products and keep more than 800 regular customers satisfied. Additional B2B features were routinely added to keep the site modern and up-to-date.

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