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Elevating Customer Experience and Reducing Costs with a Custom BigCommerce Solution by Wagento

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Hyde Park Jewelers, a premier luxury jewelry retailer catering to high-income clientele in the USA, sought to revamp their outdated Magento website. Their goal was to enhance the customer experience, ensure ADA compliance, integrate with their ERP (Netsuite) and fraud detection services (Signifyd), and reduce maintenance costs. They also desired a custom design to elevate the site's aesthetic appeal. Wagento was entrusted with this transformative project. 

Project Execution

Wagento proposed BigCommerce as the ideal platform for Hyde Park's new site, given its seamless integration capabilities with Netsuite and Signifyd, and its robust functionality. One of the standout features of this project was the custom design, provided by Hyde Park's internal team. Wagento diligently worked to incorporate this design into the new site, ensuring it was both visually appealing and user-friendly. 

Challenges and Solutions

The project presented several challenges. Initially, Wagento had to guide Hyde Park's internal team to understand the design deliverables' expectations, which was crucial for the development phase. Despite the design phase not being fully completed, Wagento initiated the development phase, ensuring to incorporate as many customizations as needed, particularly for navigation. 


Another challenge was adhering to the branding requirements of Hyde Park's third-party partners. Wagento successfully navigated this by ensuring the site design met these specific branding needs. 


Thirdly, the integration with the ERP was a significant challenge since the product information in Netsuite did not follow the same structure as it did on the website, so the team had to make sure the correct categories and product information were available. 


Lastly, Wagento coordinated with Hyde Park's marketing team and contractors to preserve existing traffic during the transition to the new website. We achieved this by meticulously following the existing site's URL structure, ensuring no traffic-generating URLs were lost. 


While it's still early days since the launch, the initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Hyde Park Jewelers is extremely satisfied with the new custom design, which has successfully passed all partner revisions and ADA audits. Looking ahead, Hyde Park plans to partner with more brands and leverage the new website to feature specific brands, opening potential advertising opportunities with partners. 


Wagento successfully delivered a custom-designed website that met Hyde Park Jewelers' diverse needs, including ERP integration, third-party branding compliance, and traffic preservation. By opting for BigCommerce as the platform, Wagento provided a cost-effective solution without compromising on the necessary functionality for Hyde Park's ecommerce site. This project underscores Wagento's commitment to delivering tailored solutions that drive client satisfaction and business growth. 

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