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Bulk Reef Supply, founded by entrepreneurs Ryan Batcheller and Andrew Duneman, has been a staple resource for reefing hobbyists since 2007. BRS has established itself to be a trusted industry expert by consistently offering high-quality equipment and supplies, as well as tutorials and instructional videos suitable for new reefers and experienced hobbyists alike. To maintain its top-notch reputation, BRS chose Magento as the ideal platform for consistently satisfying consumer needs.

Bulk Reef Supply and Wagento

In the early days of the organization, BRS required an eCommerce solution that could handle its broad range of products, unique customization needs, and multitude of educational resources. Minnesota-based BRS decided to go with Magento 1 as its platform of choice, partnering with Wagento, another Minnesota-based company, to assist with the development process. For years, BRS was satisfied with the capabilities and features of M1. However, as the company continued to grow in popularity and web traffic steadily increased, BRS realized that their site was in need of an upgrade.

In 2015, the first version of Magento 2 was released, which offered several new features and capabilities that were unavailable in M1. After briefly considering other possible eCommerce platforms, BRS decided to stay with Magento and migrate to the new M2 option. Based on their positive experiences with Wagento in the past, BRS once again partnered with Wagento developers to help them migrate their site.

Goals and KPIs

As soon as Wagento developed a plan with BRS, developers quickly got to work migrating the site to M2. Developers implemented Sprint Planning (a common project management tactic used in Scrum) to ensure that each step of the process was assigned to the right team members and that each request was completed in the right order. To further increase the speed of migration, a Wagento developer even visited the BRS office to directly assist their in-house development team. 

Along with a fast deployment, BRS also had a number of goals and KPIs in mind to determine the success of their new eCommerce platform. Their primary hope was that M2 would provide their online store with:


  • Improved performance. Magento 2 sites are optimized with fast loading times in mind. One study found that Magento 2 sites run approximately 20% faster than M1 stores.

  • B2B and B2C capabilities. Although BRS was primarily geared towards hobbyists in the beginning, they began to get requests for wholesale purchases from other businesses. M2 had the capability to create customized B2B merchant accounts while still catering to B2C buyers.

  • Better security. Right out of the box, M2 provides several ways for retailers to secure their stores, including 2-factor authorization, dynamic backup plans, unique admin URLs, and more.

  • Additional checkout features. To improve checkout conversion rates, M2 enables merchants to create single-page checkouts that accept all kinds of popular payment options, from Apple Pay to credit cards to PayPal.

  • Mobile-friendly themes. M2 has responsive, mobile-friendly themes right out of the box, as well as a simple PWA studio for retailers to develop their very own PWAs if they’d like to further improve customer experience. 

  • An intuitive admin dashboard. The M1 dashboard was known to be a bit cluttered and  confusing to navigate. On the other hand, the M2 dashboard is sleek, clean, and user-friendly, even allowing admins to customize what details they’ll see first when they log in.


As a result of migrating to Magento 2, Bulk Reef Supply experienced a boost in their site loading times and were capable of meeting the needs of all customers who came across their site. BRS has specialized tools for hobbyists, such as the Aquarium & Reef Calculator and a loyalty program, in addition to a wholesale opportunity catered towards B2B customers. The site continues to manage large orders with ease, host a variety of high-quality images and videos, and uphold its user-friendly interface. 


After the migration was complete, BRS continued to reach out to Wagento for ongoing maintenance support. This request was one of several reasons why Wagento created their No Hassle Updates program for all of their customers. The program is designed to give retailers the convenient, automatic upgrades typical of a SaaS platform for a flat monthly rate. Customers enrolled in the No Hassles program can receive:


  • Automatic Magento security updates
  • Magento bug fixes and security patches
  • The convenience of the Magento Security Scanner tool
  • New features and 3rd-party updates ASAP
  • Assistance with integrations
  • Redundant Module Checks
  • Environment Audit Readiness

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