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  • Pre-dump database reduction script

    Big databases are always a problem and it is handy to clean up your database before you are going to do a db dump. This is most handy when you have to move the dump from one server to another.

    The syntax for you file will be something like this

    truncate dataflow_batch_export;
    truncate dataflow_batch_import;
    truncate log_customer;
    truncate log_quote;
    truncate log_summary;
    truncate log_summary_type;
    truncate log_url;
    truncate log_url_info;
    truncate log_visitor;
    truncate log_visitor_info;
    truncate log_visitor_online; 
    truncate report_viewed_product_index;
    truncate report_compared_product_index;
    truncate report_event;
    truncate report_viewed_product_aggregated_daily;
    truncate report_viewed_product_aggregated_monthly;
    truncate report_viewed_product_aggregated_yearly;
    truncate sendfriend_log;

    Then you want to save this as a sql file. (cleandb.sql)

    Then you can run it against your current database (After you make a backup) like this:

    First I would take a current backup of your database like this

    mysqldump -p'password' -u user -h hostaddress databasename | gzip > backup.sql.gz

    Then run the clean script

    mysql -p'password' -u user -h hostaddress databasename < cleandb.sql
  • Microsoft sends Engineers to Schools

    By NICK WINGFIELD for the New York Times

    Leandre Nsabi, a senior at Rainier Beach High School here, received some bluntly practical advice from an instructor recently.

    “My teacher said there’s a lot of money to be made in computer science,” Leandre said. “It could be really helpful in the future.”

    That teacher, Steven Edouard, knows a few things about the subject. When he is not volunteering as a computer science instructor four days a week, Mr. Edouard works at Microsoft. He is one of 110 engineers from high-tech companies who are part of a Microsoft program aimed at getting high school students hooked on computer science, so they go on to pursue careers in the field.

    In doing so, Microsoft is taking an unusual approach to tackling a shortage of computer science graduates — one of the most serious issues facing the technology industry, and a broader challenge for the nation’s economy. There are likely to be 150,000 computing jobs opening up each year through 2020, according to an analysis of federal forecasts by the Association for Computing Machinery, a professional society for computing researchers. But despite the hoopla around start-up celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, fewer than 14,000 American students received undergraduate degrees in computer science last year, the Computing Research Association estimates. And the wider job market remains weak.

    “People can’t get jobs, and we have jobs that can’t be filled,” Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel who oversees its philanthropic efforts, said in a recent interview.

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  • PC vs Mac - South Park Style

  • 5 Strategies to Get Customers to Trust Your Ecommerce Store

    By Susan Ward for www.shopify.com

    All right. You’ve got the products. You’ve got an ecommerce website with a finely tuned checkout process. But you don’t have the kind of conversion rate you would like and shopping cart abandonment is an ongoing problem. Maybe visitors to your site just don’t trust you.

    While the cost of shipping and handling has long been the number one reason that people abandon shopping carts, fear also makes the list.

    The increasing prevalence of phishing scams, malware, and just plain shoddy customer service makes consumers more wary with their clicks than ever before – which means that trust indicators on your website are more important than ever before. Here are five things you can do to soothe your potential customers’ fears and make them more likely to follow through and buy your products online.

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  • Meet Magento Expands to Brazil

    After many successful conferences in Germany, Netresearch is expanding Meet Magento to Brazil. The premiere of Meet Magento BR will be on November 8 in the stirring metropolis of São Paulo at the Mercure Grand Hotel Ibirapuera Park. The over 250 attendees will be from the Brazilian ecosystem of Magento merchants, partners and developers, and is the perfect opportunity for you to expand your business relationships in this growing market.

    Learn & Network

    The conference will feature technical and strategic presentations focused on Magento and exhibition booths with innovative products and services related to eCommerce. To close the event, there will be an After Show Party in a fun atmosphere for participants to relax and continue networking.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with more than 250 attendees in São Paulo.

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  • Create A Responsive, Mobile-First WordPress Theme

    By Ellen Bauer for Smashing Magazine

    At first, the idea of designing and developing a fully responsive, mobile-ready WordPress theme might be overwhelming. You might be thinking, “How do I handle a responsive design with all of this flexible content that a WordPress theme has? What should I consider when designing for touch devices? And do I really have to get rid of drop-down menus and other hover elements on mobile devices?”

    But after doing some research and looking more closely at some of the responsive WordPress themes and theme frameworks out there, you will probably wrap your head around the idea pretty quickly, and the evolving world of WordPress theme design will sound like a huge opportunity that you can’t wait to get started on.

    It’s All About Preparation

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  • Magento Performance - Parallel Downloads

    Adding address for DNS allows you to maximize parallel downloads, but sure you're not using more than 2-4 domains. The reason for this is you may get a penalty for DNS.

    Example: Host your HTML and dynamic content on www.mydomain.com and split static components between css.mydomain.com and js.mydomain.com

    Setup each domain in your vhost and point to the path on your server (Magento root)

    js.mydomain.com -> {Magento_root}/js media.mydomain.com -> {Magento_root}/media skin.mydomain.com -> {Magento_root}/skin

    Log into Admin and go to System -> Configuration -> Web and set the domains you have created

  • Magento Gathers Momentum

    Thanks to the exceptional dedication and support of the Magento community of 800,000+ members and over 400 solution partners worldwide, Magento is enjoying tremendous market momentum -- adding over 100 new enterprise retailers a month and 1000s a month on Magento Community Edition and Go.

    • A recent comparison of the over 20 platforms found that “Magento continues its rise and dominance as the industry’s most popular platform” with a 31.4% share of the market across all versions of Magento. (Source: aheadWorks blog post, Sept. 11, 2012)
    • 20% of all eCommerce Sites in the Alexa Top 1 Million Sites Use Magento – that’s more than any other eCommerce platform. (Source: Tom Robertshaw eCommerce Survey, February 21, 2012).

    To date, more than 125,000 businesses worldwide have chosen Magento as their eCommerce platform. Our customers range from trail-blazing start-ups and fast-growing eCommerce innovators to some of the largest and most respected global brands spanning a number of industries. For a view into how merchants large and small grew customer acquisition and conversion rates, expanded to new markets and were fast afoot to take advantage of new opportunities, check out their stories.

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  • Magento errors SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry during upgrade

    If you are upgrading your Magento store and you have received this error:

    SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry

    The solution is to modify your /app/etc/config.xml file with the following:

    Original statement

    SET NAMES utf8

    Modified statement

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  • Stuff Apple users say - Part Two

    Another funny look at what Apple users are saying about... Apples!

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