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Best Product Page Designs You Can R&D (Ripoff and Duplicate)

Brent Peterson Brent Peterson July 2, 2019

Best Product Page Designs You Can R&D (Ripoff and Duplicate)

Your product page design is the most important aspect of your website. Whenever a customer clicks on an item, the product description, page layout, ease of use, and other features (like chat bots), will come together to influence the shopper. There are several small pieces that have to come together, and with the rise of mobile commerce, product pages must also be fast and mobile-friendly.

It can help to get some inspiration from a few highly successful retailers if you want to improve your conversion rates and create a seamless template that will work for all your products. The following businesses listed here have implemented several expert-recommended design practices, so you can feel free to utilize these strategies within your own shop:


The elegant, modern brand extends its pleasing aesthetics into each product page, featuring a FAQ section, consumer comments, product specifications, and a compare-and-contrast option to help shoppers choose the right product for their needs. The step-by-step checkout process also appears to be easy to follow and requires minimal details from the customer.


This affordable fashion retailer shares stunning photos, a short product video, and a thorough description of the item on the product page. The page also shares the item’s material, fit, and cleaning instructions. Although it does lack customer reviews, the bright green call-to-action button would be tempting for any shopper!


Kardiel’s modern website is enhanced by its high-quality product pages, which clearly show the estimated shipping date, lifetime warranty requirements, 365-day trial period, and the simple return process. As the customer scrolls down, they will have access to a clear list of the product dimensions, material, durability, and even a brief history of the specific style.

Love Hair

This brand is focused on clean products, and the product page designs also follow a clean, simple layout. The product description includes different sections about how to use the product, a video, customer reviews, and the benefits of using the item. They also show their dedication to “going green” by using all vegan products, refusing to test on animals, and using recyclable glass jars.


Leesa is one of several mattress companies that ship directly to customers’ homes, so its product page features a simple infographic that explains why their mattress is superior to others. Shoppers can clearly see that the mattress has over 12,000 5-star reviews, and the site lists customer testimonials directly on the product page. If a customer is hesitant about ordering a Leesa mattress, they can be reassured by the promise of free shipping and a risk-free 100-night trial period.


This popular British home furniture retailer has a great page design suitable for its bold, stylish products. The minimalist product page allows the product to stand out, and customers have the option to view the product from any angle or look through customer photos. The shipping and return policies are clearly stated, and all product dimensions are provided.

Master & Dynamic

The product page designs for Master & Dynamic feature bold photos and clear item details. There are reviews from customers and media outlets, such as Wired and Financial Times. The call-to-action button remains in the top section of the design, so users can still easily add the product to their cart no matter how far they scroll down the page.


This retailer specializes in aromatherapy and diffusers, and its product page design is simple, serene, and effortless. It features a list of product specs, customer reviews, and offers a 30-day trial and 1-year warranty. There are also pretty graphics that highlight how the product can benefit the user.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company

The product page design has a compelling description, a pleasing layout, and relies heavily on customer reviews and testimonials. Within one page, it addresses all kinds of questions a shopper may have when purchasing soap online. It features a list of ingredients, a “how to use” section, and a trust seal that states that its products are not tested on animals.

United by Blue

This eco-friendly clothing brand makes its purpose known on every product page, stating that, “Every product purchased removed 1 pound of trash.” Each product page features multiple photos, customer reviews, care instructions, and a list of materials used to create the item. If you’re not sure of your size, there’s even a helpful fit guide to find the right size for you.

If you’re inspired to update your own product page designs, see how Magento can help you create a flawless, mobile-friendly design to make your items pop!

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