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Benefits of Earning Your Magento Certification

Brent Peterson Brent Peterson September 5, 2019


To get any Magento certification, passionate developers have to do some serious studying, pay a testing fee, complete a 60-question exam, and be assessed by a panel of Magento experts before finally earning an official badge. At first, this process can seem pretty intimidating. You might even be wondering why people bother becoming certified in the first place!

Earning a Magento certification, much like running a marathon, is certainly challenging; but the benefits far outweigh the potential risks. If you’re already familiar with the Magento 2 platform, becoming certified can help you improve upon your skills, earn more money, and even move up in your career.

Why Become Certified?

Thanks to the robust Magento community, people can become talented developers without any official certifications. However, getting a Magento certification isn’t easy, so those that pass any of the rigorous exams will easily stand out from their competitors. According to professional developers, choosing to earn their certifications helped them:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of Magento 2. “By taking the exams, you can see if there are concepts that you need to learn or areas that you have to improve on,” says Magento Master and lead developer, Gabriel Guarino.
  • Win over new customers. Hesitant clients will be more likely to choose you over an uncertified developer because you can show official proof of your skills.
  • Improve your credibility. Magento developer Daniel Sousa says that, “The main advantage of being a Magento Certified Developer is that you’re a recognized professional. That enforces confidence from your clients, managers, and team mates.”
  • Earn more money. Showing off a certification will be sure to impress hiring managers, and developers can refer to their credentials to help them negotiate a higher salary.
  • Gain validation for your hard work. At the very least, a certification will reassure you that you have valuable skills and some serious talent as a developer!

Where to Get Certified

This September, you’ll have the chance to earn your certification by joining us at the MageX conference in Austin, Texas. We will be offering exams for the following Magento 2 certifications on September 12th and 13th:

  • Solution Specialist.
  • Professional Developer.
  • Associate Developer.
  • Front End Developer.
  • Professional Developer Plus.
  • Professional JavaScript Developer.
  • Professional Cloud Developer.

Click here to get a discounted exam voucher included with a MageX event pass, and be sure to stick around at the event to see incredible speakers, experience insightful learning sessions, and take part in all the other exciting things happening at MageX!

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