How to Incorporate Videos on Your Website for Better Engagement

How you incorporate videos on your website can have a big impact on engagement. Context, thumbnail choice and location can encourage visitors to click on video content.   You’ll need to know how to incorporate video content on your site to increase engagement.  These tips and case studies show how successful websites embed videos for maximum…

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How to Create a Productive Workspace for Your Web Development Team

productive workspace

Increasing productivity among your web development team is conducive to business sustainability. Since we spend most of our time in the office each day, it’s fair to say that comfort significantly boosts performance. Most employers are unaware of how a productive workspace and, in turn, employee happiness can lead to success.  Specific changes and features can…

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How to Create Versatile Designs for Your Brand

illustration vs. photography

Do the designs for your brand reflect your company persona? The most successful brands present a consistent image across any platform they appear. At the same time, you have to consider versatility for different digital backgrounds, print ads and varied sizes.  Although there isn’t a recent number for the frequency the average person sees ads,…

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How to Improve Your eCommerce Site for 2022

For online retailers, your eCommerce site is one of your most valuable assets. An easy-to-browse site can help draw in customers and guide them to the products they need. A site that’s hard to navigate can encourage customers to look elsewhere, however.  Simple upgrades can have a major impact on site usability. Before next year,…

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Why Visualizing Your Process is Essential for Your Customers

Taking complex data and turning it into visual assets allows you to refine your business processes including customer service, mapping the buyer’s journey and keeping your employees engaged and happy.   Experts predict the global data visualization market will reach a growth rate of over 9% by 2024. As more businesses realize the benefits of data visualization, expect…

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